News: Murray Cemented As The Every-Down Back

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Found One
    Murray Cemented As The Every-Down Back
    Josh Ellis

    IRVING, Texas - Evidently, it wasn't that Jason Garrett didn't like the every-down back approach all these years as offensive coordinator, but rather that he didn't have one.

    Julius Jones and Marion Barber, Barber and Felix Jones, Barber, Jones and Tashard Choice - whatever the combination, the team has needed more than one runner to get things done, basically since Emmitt Smith departed. There can be little question now, though, the Cowboys have found a runner capable of carrying the load, DeMarco Murray.

    Since the win over St. Louis in Week 7, Jones' first game missed due to a high ankle sprain, Murray has averaged just shy of 24 touches per game. Within a span of just five days last week, in wins over Washington and Miami, Murray totaled an impressive 57 touches.

    "I think he probably proved that to a lot of people well before this last couple-of-game stretch," Garrett said. "We handed him the ball a lot and one of the things we really liked about him coming out of school was that he had so much production. We saw him carry the ball a lot and rush for a lot of yards, catch the ball a lot and do that for a lot of yards, score a lot of touchdowns, just do a lot of things . . . He's a strong guy. He's physically strong. He's mentally strong and tough, and I think that's allowed him to make the transition as smoothly as he has." ...
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    If that's the case, then the question becomes, Do you try and trade Felix in the offseason or next year or just keep him as insurance and let him walk the next offseason?
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    Deep down inside Felix Jones knows he's not an every down running back, so his price tag won't be high. I'd keep him, he's a very good weapon!
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    I am glad that it appears we've finally found an every down back in DM, but I was really surprised that Felix Jones didn't get any carries against the Dolphins.
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    I think Felix will actually be very easy to resign because people have plenty of film on him showing that he can't be an every down back anyway.

    Unless someone vastly overpays for him, to have him as a speciality back, then I think Dallas should be able to easily keep him around as the change to Murray.
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    I can't tell if this article is opinion or factual reporting. I was expecting Murray to remain the lead dog, but I also was expecting Felix to get somewhere around 10 carries or so...or even more if/when he's hot.
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    Where do you get that? :lmao2: He can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball, between the tackles or bounced outside. He catches the ball out of the backfield and is an excellent blitz blocker. He may have durability issues but he is an everydown back as well. I love Murry as much as the next fan but don't disrespect Felix because Murry has done well.
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    Felix Jones is an excellent change of pace running back.

    It's a nice problem to have multiple playmakers at each position. Marion Barber wasn't in this mold.
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    After years of searching we've finally found our back.
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    Felix Jones hung 136 total yards on the New York Giants last year (at New York), including a 71 yard TD, where Jones pretty much out ran their entire defense. Jones touched the football 17 times in that game. I guess Jones will never see the football again in Dallas according to Ellis.

    I don't know, maybe Jones will never touch the football again in Dallas, because DeMarco Murray is the ultimate running back. Ellis appears to have called game, set, match based on the last two games. By the way, Jones was still listed as "limited" in practice leading up to the Dolphins game.

    Did Chris Wells find that atrocious Rams rush defense?

    228 says that he did.

    I guess Ellis missed Jones running inside last year behind a significantly deteriorated offensive line and suspect full-back play. Jones averaged 4.44 YPC and rushed 112 times for 498 yards during the last 8 games of 2010. The right side of Dallas' offensive line was horrendous last season, too.

    Mike Lombardi thinks Felix Jones (with Murray) gives Dallas some counter balance in the running game and improves Dallas' team.

    There are a whole lot of teams who would take Felix Jones in an instant and rush him at least 12-13 times per game and throw him the football, too.
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    I hope that ends up being the case.

    As for Murray the guy is a all around RB as a runner, receiver and blocker the kid has what it takes
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    I think a team just might be willing to pay him, I don't really see why he would give up on being a feature back after his first contract. I don't think he's as resigned to being a career backup as some of us would like to think.
  13. Doomsday101

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    I think that really depends on what kind of contract he is looking at. Sorry I see Murray as more of a work horse who will get the vast majority of the carries. I also think the team feels the same way it is Murray job and I don't think he will be losing it any time soon
  14. 28 Joker

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    I see what you are saying about the article.

    I've still got faith in Garrett to get Felix Jones the football. Again, Jones wasn't on the injury list today, but he was listed as limited the last two weeks. Jones rushed 16 times for 77 yards against Arizona last year, and he did it under adverse circumstances. So, I'm looking forward to seeing Felix Jones get his opportunities to run the football against Arizona.

    Again, Mike Lombardi stated that he liked Dallas to win the NFC East, and the first words out of his mouth (to explain why) were "Dallas is getting
    Felix Jones back". Lombardi went on to say that Felix Jones gives Dallas some nice counter balance in the running game (with Murray) and makes them a better team.

    Murray is a good football player, but Felix Jones is a "complete back", too.

    The same Washington team that held Murray to 2.9 YPC, without LaRon Landry, allowed 115 rushing yards (14 rushes) and 155 total yards to
    Felix Jones (with LeRon Landry). Landry is Washington's best defensive player, imo. Jones destroyed the Redskins heavily stacked fronts, and only a very dubious holding call on Bennett prevented a 14-133 yard game for Jones.

    Miami held Murray to 3.95 YPC, and before Murray's last 5 rushes for 27 yards, the Dolphins had held Murray to 17-60 (3.52 YPC).

    Felix Jones ran with Tony Fiammetta for 2 games. You can throw out S.F., because no one runs on them. S.F. held LeSean McCoy to 9-18. We all saw what happened when Jones got to run the bend zone with Fiammetta (against Washington). Jones hung 99 rushing yards on Washington when they had at least 8 in the box (10-99). Washington had 9 in the box and 10 in the box when Jones rushed for 40 yards and 29 yards respectively. Jones rushed 7-95 in the second half of that football game, and his 13th rush went for 40 yards, his longest rush of the game.

    Furthermore, Felix Jones hung 117 total yards on Washington last year (in Dallas) and only needed 14 touches to do it, too. On the other hand, it took Murray 31 touches to accumulate 105 total yards on Washington this year. Which game was better and more efficient, Jones' 8.35 YPT or Murray's 3.38 YPT?

    Last year, against the Saints on Thanksgiving, Felix Jones hung 113 total yards on the Saints and touched the football 20 times. Murray touched the football 26 times and put up 128 total yards on Miami. Who had the better, more efficient game? Jones' 5.65 yards per touch or Murray's 4.92 yards per touch? Murray put up only 15 more yards, but Murray touched the football 6 more times than Jones.

    It's funny. Murray suddenly averages 2.9 YPC and 3.95 YPC, and he gets credit for "running tough" and getting his yards from scrimmage. However, last year, Jones averaged 99.2 total yards from scrimmage and 17 touches per game (during the last 8 games of 2010), and most didn't seem to care.

    That 99.2 total yards per game clip put Jones on a 1,587 total yard pace (in a 16 game season). Jones didn't have Tyron Smith at RT, the improved Montrae Holland at LG, or Kosier at RG. Gurode was making his very last stand. Davis and Colombo were horrendous on the right side. There was no Tony Fiammetta, either. Dez Bryant was lost in the Colts game. McGee pretty much played the last two games, too, and that made things even tougher. Jones' 4.44 YPC during the second half of the 2010 season (112-498) proved his mettle as an inside runner.

    Like I said, Jones may never see the football again in Dallas, but Jones sure has proven to be an extremely explosive, extremely dynamic, and extremely productive player when he gets the football in his hands (for the Cowboys).

    That Giants game is going to be interesting, because the last time New York saw Felix Jones, Jones was hanging 136 total yards on them, on 17 touches (8.0 YPT).
  15. 28 Joker

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    I agree with you TheCount. I still think Garrett is going to get Jones the football, and I'm not buying the Cowboys without Felix Jones, either. Jones is too good of a player, and I think the head coach knows it.

    I bet the Detroit Lions wish they had Felix Jones right now.
  16. Doomsday101

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    I hope we keep Felix as well. I like the guy and have been a supporter still am but Murray in my view is the better RB in that he is more of an all around RB. I fully expect Murray will continue to get the majority of the snaps.
  17. baj1dallas

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    that's not "the question" at all. Right now he's a necessary part of the team and that's all that really matters. You can wait at the least until the draft before you evaluate what you need to do with Felix.
  18. 28 Joker

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    Well, I disagree, respectfully. Murray is no better than Jones. Jones is proven explosive, dynamic space player. Felix has proven that he can run inside and outside. Jones is a strong pass protector as well. Jones is a complete back, too.

    You may be right. Murray may get all the snaps and the rushes, but if that does happen, I hope Felix gets out of Dallas ASAP. Jones certainly has done nothing to have the ball completely taken away from him, and Murray isn't that good, either (IMO).

    In the last two games (Thanksgiving week), DeMarco Murray touched the football 57 times and put up 233 total yards. That is 4.08 YPT.

    Last year, Felix Jones touched the football (Thanksgiving week) 34 times and tallied 199 total yards. That is 5.85 YPT.

    Who was the more productive, more efficient player during that two game stretch, which was referenced in this article? Jones or Murray, because my math says Jones.

    Murray touched the football 23 more times than Jones and only accrued 34 more yards than Jones.

    Murray is a good football player, but I think he's being built up too much, imo. He's come back down to Earth during the past two weeks, too.

    Felix Jones is Dallas' fastest, most explosive player, and it would be a big mistake to totally write him out of the offense.

    The Cowboys need to get Miles Austin back, too.

    I mean you probably represent the majority opinion, so you are certainly not alone.
  19. ScipioCowboy

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    Felix Jones is an explosive player, and I would love nothing more than if he spent his entire career as a compliment to DeMarco Murray.

    Murray has clearly earned the right to start. Thus far, he's gained 834 yards on 147 carries. In Felix Jones' best season, he gained 800 yards on 185 carries.

    Murray is much better at grinding out 4 and 5 yard gains.
  20. 28 Joker

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    Before the Cowboys offensive line deteriorated so bad and was still good in 2008 and 2009, Felix Jones destroyed some teams on single digit rushes. To me, the faster, more explosive, more efficient player is very, very valuable.


    Cleveland (9-62-1) LG 22 (6.9 YPC) (1st NFL rush is an 11 yard TD between the tackles)

    Green Bay (6-76-1) LG 60T (12.7 YPC) (Dallas' last win over GB).

    Cincinnati (9-96-1) LG 33T (10.7 YPC)

    Jones didn't get one single rush against the Redskins. Explain that. How can that be justified? In my strong opinion, the inconsistent use of Jones led to Jones' hamstring injury at Arizona. Then, the Dallas trainers got a hold of him.


    New York Giants (7-96-1) LG 56 (13.7 YPC)

    Carolina (8-94) LG 40 (11.8 YPC)

    Oakland (7-68-1) LG 46T (9.7 YPC) Led team in rushing yards that day.

    We don't hear about these games, some of the most explosive games I've ever seen out of a Cowboys running back.

    I guess if you don't get "100 yards" and rush it 24 times per game, you are not worthy of running the football in Dallas, anymore.

    Jones is as dangerous of a player as there is in the NFL from his running back position. According to STATS, Jones was 5th in the NFL in total YAC last year, too. Felix Jones doesn't need 24 rushes to destroy a team. Jones has been extremely explosive and extremely productive in the 13-16 rush range. Plus, as noted above, he's destroyed teams in the single digits, too. That sure isn't a negative, either. It is a huge win-win for Jones and the Cowboys.

    Felix Jones hung 136 total yards on the New York Football Giants last year at New York (17-136-1) LG 71T (8.0 YPT) Jones had a 7-96-1 LG 56 (13.7 YPC) game against the Giants in 2009.

    Yet, it seems like most fans don't ever want a proven, explosive player to touch the football again due to DeMarco Murray being proclaimed the "anointed one" in Dallas.

    Give Felix Jones 7-8 rushes per game and just see if he doesn't earn more, because I've seen that story before. Having said that, I hope Jones gets 13 rushes against the Cardinals, because that number is in his proven explosion range and rush range.

    It is what it is with some of the Dallas fan base.

    After all, it sure seemed like a significant segment of the fan base bought into the Dallas media's propaganda (some significant members of that media) about Tashard Choice being Dallas' best, "most complete back". How many teams has Choice played for this year?

    Darren McFadden is a faster, more explosive player than DeMarco Murray, and Jones competed for and earned his touches at Arkansas. Jones has competed for and earned the football in Dallas, with two other players, so I'm sure he's ready to compete and earn his touches if he has to do so.

    Jones is an explosive, dynamic, competitive player who is being vastly under-estimated. That isn't anything new, because he's never had the respect from some in the fan base.

    However, he has Jason Garrett's respect, and I'm counting on that fact.

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