News: DC.COM: Not Fixed Yet Eatman: Titans Visit Has Makings Of Trap Game

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Nick Eatman

    IRVING, Texas - We've all seen the scenarios before. It happens in just about every movie, TV show or any other type of cinema.

    Just a hypothetical example: a couple is driving down the road on a vacation or something, the husband looks to his wife, with his kids in the back doing puzzles or singing songs, and he makes a comment about how great the trip is going so far and it's going to a be a perfect day.

    LINK to article
  2. noshame

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    Has anybody on the team/staff been talking about how intense practices have been this week?

    I would expect if the intensity level is high, we'd be hearing about it by now.

    I hope thery have said something and I just missed it.

    If not the players, who?

    This article is spot on, from a guy who is as close to the pulse of the team as you can get, it concerns me.
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    I think this team has settled in, I see us taking care of the titans cause they have no passing threat.
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    This Cowboy team is only 1-2. There's no way any player on this team shouldn't be fully motivated (even desperate with their backs against the wall attitude) to come out and play great football against the Titans at Texas stadium. If the Cowboys were 3-0, maybe this could be a trap game cause Cowboys could be full of themselves. But at 1-2 that shouldn't be the case.

    Now if Eatman's essentially saying the team isn't well coached that is something else. But considering the Cowboys have won at least 3 games right after their bye week since Wade's been HC, I really doubt the coaching staff & the team aren't fully prepared. Lose this game & Jerry might just fire a few people.
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    And we have less than stellar middle of field coverage. Expect Fisher to expose that. CJ may be receiving more than collecting handoffs.
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    more pot-stirring, fear-mongering crap,,, no doubt the team is happy to have put together a decent game and not have to endure the snarky media for 2 weeks, but there is absolutely no way they think the Titans game is a 'gimmee' or that they are out of the woods yet. I guess the writer would rather have the team puckered up and suicidal rather than emotionally even keeled ...
  7. noshame

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    Nick is hardly a fear monger. If he's feeling this, I'm a little worried.

    Now, if it were Mickey writing it, are you kidding me, I'd be in a full blown panic.

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