News: DC.COM: Not The Issue: Defense Has A Lot More Problems Than Newman

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    IRVING, Texas - They say first impressions are the most important. That's usually the case, unless you're talking about cornerbacks.

    Because then, it's not even a case of 'what have you done for me lately.' It's more, 'what did you do the last play'?

    And in the case of Terence Newman, who one week ago gave up the biggest play of the game on a 55-yard bomb that eventually cost the Cowboys a Thanksgiving Day win, now he has been the hot topic this week on our radio shows.

    Maybe I shouldn't say "this week" because I know I've had several emails trying to dump this guy for a few years now.

    The term "overrated" seems to get thrown out a lot when it comes to Newman. That's always a tricky word because my response to that is always "Well, who's doing the rating?"

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