News: O-Line Looks To Regroup Quickly

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Dec 7, 2011.

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    O-Line Looks To Regroup Quickly
    Josh Ellis

    IRVING, Texas - During the team's midseason surge, the Cowboys offensive line got its share of credit. When the club bottomed out on Sunday, though, the front five led the way.

    Suddenly DeMarco Murray isn't breaking long runs. Suddenly Tony Romo isn't making the pass blocking look great by spinning his way out of trouble. For the offense to be at its best, the blockers must do their job well, which means turning things around in a hurry.

    "The style of defenses that we've played the last few weeks typically are geared to stopping the run," head coach Jason Garrett said. "They like to have an eighth guy down around the line of scrimmage. They like to run blitz a lot. And it's really been each of the last three opponents. So, what we've found you have to do is you have to find a way to run the ball in those situations anyway, and you have to throw the ball well enough to hopefully chase them out of that defense....
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    You still have to find a way to get some running going but you also have to attack them down field if they are willing to pull the safety up leaving the 1 on 1 outside. If not it becomes like hitting a brick wall. Mr Garrett tear down that wall. :laugh2:
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    A few quick slant patterns and other quick developing plays might help a little bit. However, the O-line just absolutely has to do a better job.
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    To this fan, this game is the final test for jobs next season in the Dallas interior line. They had best bring an A game for this one.

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