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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Jul 14, 2012.

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    Opponents Thoughts: Philadelphia Eagles

    Posted by bbroaddus at 7/13/2012 3:31 PM CDT on

    Friday's summertime film study takes a look at the Philadelphia Eagles.

    The story of the Eagles' 2011 season was one of inconsistent play throughout. After a win opening day against the St. Louis Rams, they went on a four-game losing streak, with two of those loses coming at home against the Giants and 49ers. Down the stretch, though, they won four straight and finished one game out of a division title.

    I have been critical of Michael Vick throughout his career, but it is now very hard to do that. He still has the magical mobility, with the ability to consistently buy a second and third chance with his feet. When I studied Vick early in his career with the Falcons, I had questions as to how well he would ever throw the ball. I had never seen a quarterback that made his receivers work to catch bad balls like Vick. Tight end Alge Crumpler was his best target and most reliable receiver. It appeared Jim Mora and his staff were trying to keep the offense simple for Vick.

    In Philadelphia, Andy Reid and his staff have done a really nice job of developing Vick as a passer. His arm strength has never been a question - it was his accuracy. Now you see him making all the throws with accuracy and touch. Where Vick is outstanding is when he can throw the ball in the middle of the field on a crossing route to Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson or Brent Celek, working between the hashes. Vick will throw the ball at all arm angles. He will drop down and side-arm the ball under a defender. This is where Maclin and Jackson kill you, when Vick can hit receivers on the move. It's always interesting to see how teams play him. Do you rush or drop? Teams that are able to control him with the rush tend to do a better job with him. San Francisco and Chicago were two of those teams that played him well in 2011....
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    Well, burmafrd, you better be seriously hoping that Anthony Spencer is up for the Philadelphia games this season. If not, then those contests could quickly get out of hand. And he usually is up against the weaker of last year's right tackle for them. Now, with a 'new' left tackle, that is where DeMarcus will probably be parked.
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    This, very well, could be the Eagles year.

    The Cowboys seem to have made a lot of progress, but the Eagles have flat owned us the last couple of years (yes, I know we won the last game of the 2010 season against their 3rd string).

    It seems the gap is closing, but then again - the Eagles just added Cox and Ryans, and added through subtraction by exiting Samuel. On offense, they have outstanding RB's, QB, OL, WR's. On defense, they have an outstanding DL and CB's. Their LB's could be great with Ryans in the mix and their Safeties are pretty good. And, don't forget consistent and very good coaching - oh, and Lurie made it the Andy Reid show by transitioning Banner out as GM.

    Don't mean to be a naysayer, but we have a very tough schedule in a very tough division. It will be very difficult to go from 8-8 to winning this division - even with the additions and with one more year under Garrett, Ryan, et al.

    Still - Go Cowboys...
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    Dallas Defense improved more with the addition of Mo an Carr and the subtraction of Newman.

    Carter addition by subtraction with Lee instead of Brady and Brooking.

    Vick an Co. have a lot more to deal with vs Dallas in 2012.
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    100% agree. I'm hoping for a split this year. Regarding the Cowboys, they have made huge strides in the off season and the trend line is definitely up. 1 more year with Garrett and his coaches can only help. Not to mention having a full off-season to prepare.

    But, besides the strength of the Eagles mentioned above - one other thing... the Eagles were really coming on at the end of last year. If they hadn't started their run too late, I think the Giants wouldn't have been in the SB.

    I live in the Philly area - believe me, the Eagles are hungry and they seem to have that attitude or chip on their shoulders - sort of like the 92' Cowboys had.... like they are young and have finally put all the pieces together...

    I hope not, but...

    On the other hand - we moved to the Philly area from Dallas in early 92'. All my friends and neighbors were thumping their chests about 92' being the Eagles year. They had the no. 1 Defense in 91' and were going to bring it in 92'....

    That didn't turn out so well for em'...

    That's why the play the game on the field...

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    I was gonna say, Im from Philly and love my home town but they/Eagles fans always think its their year. I been a fan of the Cowboys since the teams of the 70's so Ive seen and heard it all from those stinking Birds. We/the Cowboys need to step up and stop taking the Eagles lightly, when they play us the come to play. Living in Philly you know they hype that game up. WIP hypes it up for about 2 - 3 week ahead of time! Its not just a game to them. However for the last couple years it seems like we are just going through the motion when playing them. In the end, the Cowboys have just as much chance and those stinking Birds this years. I would love to see them take one game at least...
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    because spencer is so important the boys are working on a long term deal...........

    oh wait.........
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    But the team is concentrating on a Tony Romo extension, not that...must have something to do with the Cap.
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    wow. Even for you that is a reach.
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    Don't like to envy anything, but I do have some of going for their draft.
    We should be better too.
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    no matter what is said, i still have a mural of all the Eagles' Super bowl glory painted on the side of my house--yes, it's a white wall with nothing on it--enough said--as bad as some of us make it being a Cowboy fan, we are not the Eagles
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    Eagles look really good, but the league has film on their weird DL alignment and how best to play it.

    I'm still angry Dallas didn't draft LeSean McCoy in 2009 in the 2nd round when they had him listed as a 1st round prospect but failed to draft their board and traded down in a weak draft class instead.

    Yes they had Felix, Barber, and Choice at the time, but neither of them were proven full time starters and both were injured on top of it.

    They had a bad contract signed with Barber and a real GM should have known that from the start, but even forgiving the initial deal after realizing the guy couldn't last as a number one starter you'd think they'd have had the foresight to recognize Barber was not going to be on the team for long and they'd need a new #1 down the road.

    Meanwhile McCoy is the real deal.
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    Sometimes, burma, you are very slow....I was a NCO for nineteen years, dry humor is just that.

    Sometimes core message would put the lights out. As your main tool is measure of insulting and not strength of specific being applied. Some things affect differently in different circumstances.

    But with a constant growling dog, at some point, the trainer will merely pick up a stick and teach that growler that his actions have a remedy.
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    Simple view here: Did the Cowboys beat the Lions when they had Barry Sanders? I don't think I yet would beckon onto that ice just yet...

    I don't know, as things progressed, as all continuous and positively directions taken will lead you...the Cowboys have both DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones. I am really as pleased with that combo, as I am at the QB position. That is really major.

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