News: DC.COM: Paying The Price: Injuries Starting To Pile Up Again

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    IRVING, Texas - You see it in every stadium at every level. After the third quarter of a football game, there's always a healthy amount of people, from players and coaches to fans, who raise their four fingers in the air to symbolize the start of an important fourth quarter.

    Doesn't matter the score or the circumstances, everyone knows you have to dig a little deeper to survive the final stretch of the game.

    In terms of a football season, that's exactly where this Cowboys team is. With 12 games down and four to play, it's the start of the fourth quarter as well.

    Obviously, it doesn't look like the Cowboys are going to win this game. The playoffs are all but a pipedream and all this team really has to play for is some pride. As DeMarcus Ware said last week, getting to 8-8 and not being called "losers" is motivation enough.

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