News: DC.COM: Red Dawn: Up-Tempo Practice Begins Garrett Era

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    IRVING, Texas - If it had been up to him, this, apparently, is the way Jason Garrett would've been doing things all along.

    Calling the players into the office earlier than usual - their team meeting beginning at 8:15 a.m. - the Cowboys interim coach laid out his expectations for the roster and presided over his first practice on Wednesday, constantly looking forward, and not backward.

    "I thought we had a good day," Garrett said. "I thought we had a good start. It was a day of transition for us this morning, but I think everybody was receptive to it. I thought we met well, we walked-through well and we practiced well."

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    Red Dawn. Love it.
    Let's see some signage at the game. Or at least at the next home game.

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