News: Roy Reluctantly Seeing Clearly; So Should All Of Us

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    Ellis: Roy Reluctantly Seeing Clearly; So Should All Of Us
    Josh Ellis Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas - This offseason, a few players have spoken out about how this whole lockout thing ain't so bad, really. It's like a nice, long vacation.

    Going public with those opinions didn't work out so well for Reggie Bush or Stevie Johnson, the Buffalo wide receiver, both of whom drew a pretty sizeable backlash from fans. But something tells me that similar comments made by the Cowboys' Roy Williams over the weekend to his hometown paper, the Odessa American, won't make people so upset. He says a lot of things, and frankly most people who keep up with the Cowboys have become sort of indifferent to it.

    But Williams, just 29, saying that the lockout helps older players like himself - that is kind of funny. Funny because it's true.

    Williams may be the most elderly 29-year old in the league. Occasionally there are glimpses of the amazing athleticism he had coming out of Texas and what Jerry Jones perceived as Randy Moss-like abilities when making that 2008 trade with Detroit to bring him into the fold. But for the most part, those days are long gone. He's not really a deep threat anymore. He's not really a run-after-the-catch guy anymore. He's not really an explosive route-runner anymore....
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    "Randy Moss like ability" - laughable.
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    I just can't see anyone ever having thought he had Randy Moss like ability.
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    This article is spot on. Like it or not he will be with us another year. Let's just hope we have a #3 WR next year so we can let Roy go then.
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    I like Roy, but I have to agree with you guys. He was NEVER going to be a Randy Moss clone.
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    Hopefully Harris is ready this time next year.

    I don't expect too much from him this season.
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    Since the article was written...and we are discussing....I STILL would like to know who thought he was worth that much. I mean, when you consider what we gave up for him...compared to what was given up for Boldin, Moss, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards....the difference is MORE than stunning. Someone, from Jerry, to scouts, to coaches REALLY missed on this guy. And in order to learn from your mistakes, you must review the information you gathered and processed to make this decision. Had we NOT made a similiar decision with Joey Galloway, this could be more understandable. But maybe I am over complicating this. If I had to GUESS..I think this was just a "gut" feeling by Jerry. Because if you think back to the Joey Galloway deal, Jerry was quoted as saying Deion Sanders told him Joey was the only WR he Troy wanted Joey (they shared the same agent, Leigh Steinberg). So it is SCARY to think these are the deciding factors in situations like these...but that was YEARS think something like that could repeat itself this many years later, is really baffling. Honestly, I hope I am wrong about how this decision was made. I mean if I recall, once we got Roy, we discovered he was overweight and had a foot injury. Sorry, but for the picks and money given can you not wonder aloud how that can happen?
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    Only Roy and the biggest UT homers have ever had this thought pass through their head.
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    Just for clarification, you've NEVER said you WEREN'T an Aggie homer right? Because in my experience, you guys would take a bullet for your school. Am I right?

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    Well obvioulsy some of you people only remember him after he fumbled and not the amazing catch and run.That is forever blazoned in my mind we had that game won, our season never recovered.I'm sure we will keep him around another year unfortunately.
  11. bbailey423

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    did not find the catch to be amazing..especially from a former top 10 pick..that we in turn gave up ANOTHER 1st round pick, 3rd round pick and 6th round pick. I mean was it a catch in traffic? Did he out jump somebody? Did he catch it with one hand? Did he have to concentrate on catching it while keeping his feet inbounds. Did not find the run to be amazing..if he had "Randy Moss" like ability...he would have scored because he would have possesed the speed to avoid being caught from behind/side whatever. I agree with you that we will have to live with him one more year..but I hope this is the LAST time we miss this badly on a position like WR. I can see how you might miss like this at QB. But we paid almost the going rate for a top 10 QB when you tally up money and picks. And we got a #3 WR. A #3 WR can be found UNDRAFTED. It is just a huge miss!
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    Yes very true. I do like the fact he accepts and says this. Maybe it keeps him focused on the grand prize, the SB, and not being the #1 WR

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    Thay have both won the same number of Super Bowls.

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