News: Scout’s Notebook: Defense Looks Good At Chargers Park

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    Scout’s Notebook: Defense Looks Good At Chargers Park

    Posted 6 hours ago

    Bryan BroaddusFootball Analyst/Scout

    Jam Shot

    The Cowboys were very lucky they didn’t lose another receiver to injury during this practice when Quentin Jammer took a run at Dwayne Harris who could’ve very easily suffered a separated shoulder or worse.

    The play started with Harris running out of the slot from the 5-yard line. Kevin Ogletree was on the outside with Jammer over the top of him. Romo dashes to the right as the line moves with him. Harris starts up the field then breaks down at the goal line, looking for the ball. Harris has cornerback Greg Gaston beat and catches the ball on the goal line. Jammer allows Ogletree to go by him and puts Harris in the cross hairs. Jammer lowers his right shoulder into Harris driving him off his feet.

    If it was a game situation, it would’ve been a clean hit, but in a practice situation it was very cheap because Harris was not expecting it.

    Lee Impresses

    In the blitz period for the defense, there were a couple of things that I did notice. Sean Lee was outstanding each time Rob Ryan brought him on the inside blitz. There were two times when Lee timed his blitz perfectly, working the game inside with Jason Hatcher and Jay Ratliff. Lee has a great feel for how to come tight off those blocks to keep the linemen from getting off and handling him. Lee shows no wasted movement when he rushes from the inside. Everything is a direct path to the quarterback...

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