News: DC.COM: Spagnola: As The Cowboys Play-Calling World Turns

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    Mickey Spagnola Columnist

    IRVING, Texas – Funny story, at least I thought so.

    You might have heard, but the 10th and final day of OTAs on Thursday turned into Cowboys U, a football camp for area inner-city high school players out here at The Ranch where the Cowboys players turn into coaches and an eight-team, seven-on-seven touch football round-robin tournament breaks out.

    Well, DeMarcus Ware was one of the head coaches, and each of the head coaches draft teammates to assist them. As the story goes, Ware’s first six selections were defensive teammates and then Cowboys offensive guard Nate Livings, probably since in seven-on-seven football there is no need for any offensive line expertise, and even more so since the hiking to the quarterback is a simple underhand toss with the center facing the quarterback and everyone is eligible to go out.

    Makes sense, except for one huge problem for Team Ware, the exact same one that a few days earlier the Dallas Cowboys, as only they can, managed to turn into a national crisis:

    Who in the heck is going to call the offensive plays?

    “Nate had to call the plays,” explained Cowboys U commissioner Jason Garrett, laughing out loud probably at the irony, “and then all the defensive guys wanted to call plays.”

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    Spagnola smooths things over.

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    :laugh2: Spagnola, the sandwich spread.:p:

    On a serious note. Knew this type of article was going to happen when he was talking on the last talking Cowboys radio show.
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    I'm much more concerned of players executing than I am the play calling.

    Know your assignment and carry it out.
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    Does anyone know if Callahan called the plays when he was with Oakland and Gruden was the HC? Just curious.

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