News: Spagnola: Cowboys Player Primed To Emerge This Season

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    Breaking Out
    Spagnola: Cowboys Player Primed To Emerge This Season
    Mickey Spagnola Columnist

    IRVING, Texas - Can feel it in my bones, can't you? Football is on the horizon. Sort of like that storm that blew through here the other night. Could see it coming a mile away, the hail and eventual high water.

    The league and the players association are talking. We are hearing real numbers and percentages. It's just a matter of time, probably after The Fourth, for an agreement to be reached, thus unlocking the doors, launching the new league year and freeing us up to actually talk with players, meaning you will once again be fully entertained.

    But until then . . .

    We must continue to be creative, coming up with lists and topics while biding our time - and yours. So here we go, at least one more time:

    The Dallas Cowboys 2011 Breakthrough Player, the guy on the verge of emerging into someone big, and not necessarily as a starter or earning Pro Bowl honors, but a guy who has been in the league a year or two or three who is about to become a difference-maker. And goodness knows, after last year's 6-10 season, the Cowboys need some guys to step up and become so, and certainly more than last year. When you think about it, the only difference-makers to emerge were Doug Free at offensive left tackle, Dez Bryant at wide receiver and to a certain extent David Buehler...
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    Michael Jenkins...not sure if its breakout or bounce back, but he needs to step it up and keep it up.

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