News: DC.COM: Spagnola: This Program Heading In The Right Direction

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. TheCount

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    Nah. Next year we'll have a playoff caliber 8-8 team. Then a Super Bowl caliber 8-8 team. We might have the first ever dynasty that doesnt even need to make it to the playoffs.
  2. stasheroo

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    (It's the 8-8 part)

  3. stasheroo

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    Where's 'better'?

    It's not.

    Mickey himself said it's not 'tangible'.

    With this team, it never is.

    After that, it's all just talk.

    Hopes, dreams, wishes, and talk.

    Is Ware getting younger? Sure didn't look it down the stretch, did he?

    Is Witten after another season of wear and tear?

    How about Romo and his ribs? Better or worse?

    Jerry talked about windows closing before this season.

    How does that window look now?
  4. Beast_from_East

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    Yep, the direction of this team is so great that Jerry is talking about hiring a consultant since the current coaching staff apparently doesnt know what the hell is going on.

    News flash.........If your boss has to hire somebody to help you with your job, it means your boss thinks you cant hack it by yourself.

    Apparently Jerry thinks Garrett and company cant get it done, that is not really an endorsement for "the team is headed in the right direction".

    Just my .02
  5. CowboyChris

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    did you hear JJ on his radio show constantly stressing that this team has to get better at fundamentals ie blocking and tackling, knowing where to lineup etc etc. this isnt an indication that we are a few pieces away. not to mention he said that changes are coming, and lastly its going to be very uncomfortable for the next few months at valley ranch.
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    Two things...

    A team won the Super Bowl last year at 9-7... From where I'm sitting 8-8 isn't far off from that. Granted I aspire more for the Cowboys that 9-7, but the bar isn't that high to just qualify.

    This team went 8-8 after losing 70 "starter-games" to inury.

    Last year's 8-8 team was relatively injury free. To me that is a monumental difference between the two squads and says a lot about the overall quality of the 2012 club.
  7. Aven8

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    That window looks foggy. We need to clean house of the coaching staff and hope we get one of those inspirational first year runs when the new coach comes in.
  8. RS12

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    House organ says the program is headed in the right direction? Must be true.
  9. CyberB0b

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    The results are the same.

    That is what is wrong with the team. Just because a team was able to squeak into the playoffs and get hot, doesn't mean the Cowboys will do that.
  10. sonnyboy

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    If the "thick skull crew" could simply acknowledge the simple truth that the team improved, than I'd give credence to anything they had to say.

    Something like....Ya the team improved, but not enough and here's why"....
    or,"I don't believe we will improve enough year over next and here's why"...

    But when they spit out semi-moronic b.s....dahhh 8-8 is 8-8, dahhh.

    Well, you know what happens next.
  11. sonnyboy

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    Can't qoute for obvious reasons, but someone just stepped up from semi-moronic to full ******.....:laugh2:
  12. ddh33

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    Count me as another one who agrees with the premise that this better is improved and getting better.

    They came up short this season, and I know that hurts. But I feel like they are close. Maybe that is why I don't understand all of the animosity towards Jason Garrett. If you can't see how he has helped improve this team, you're blind or intentionally ignoring things. That isn't to say he is perfect. In fact, I would love to see him give play-calling duties to someone else. Still, I think it's a bad idea to change head coaches over and over again...

    I think there are some holes on this team that need to be filled. There are some veterans who should probably be sent packing. But this program is heading in the right direction.
  13. TheCount

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    8-8 ain't far from 5-11 either.

    A lot of people were saying early on that the injuries would be used as an excuse if the team fizzled at the end of the year again, and it looks like they were right.

    I'm sure the excuses being made in here are the same excuses the personell are currently feeding Jerry as they try to cover their own butts as well.

    You can rationalize away anything if you try hard enough. We'll just ignore how terribly the team was playing even when most of those guys were healthy, that's the ticket.
  14. DFWJC

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    I'm more positive about next year than I was going into this year.
  15. LatinMind

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    So you think these players being on IR didnt hurt? Really?

    And then having Ware playing with half a body.

    Its not an excuse its common sense.
  16. CATCH17

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    Mickey is the biggest Cowboy homer out there. He's defended every Cowboy coach.

    There is nothing to see here.
  17. newlander

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  18. newlander

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    ...just as I said earlier in the thread: hes simply a company of Jerrah's underlings.
  19. Zordon

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    big difference btw winning the super bowl and just getting into the tournament. this team can't even get close to a nfc championship let alone the super bowl.

    if this team was like mcnabb's eagles in that they were constantly making the playoffs and winning games in the playoffs then yes I'd agree with you that we were close.
  20. Idgit

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    It's not just talk. You're seeing it in the results and in the play on the field, and in the way the team has changed under Garrett. It just hasn't translated into additional victories yet.

    And, I'll agree, if the sole measurement of the success of the rebuilding project is victories, then by that measure JG has not succeeded. Are you willing to admit that successful rebuilding projects exist where teams really do have to work for a couple seasons before breaking through? Because we both know I can find countless examples where this is the case.

    The measure of a successful team should be how well the team performs relative to it's ability, not the team's end-of-the-season record. It's not reasonable to expect our coaches to do more, with less, than other teams' coaches can do. Last year, we had less because we had significant holes in the roster. This season, we ended up with less because of a host of key injuries. But the effort was there, and it showed up--clearly--in the way the team played the 4th quarter of games and how they got better as the season wore on.

    As to the talent, the QB and the start pass rusher and all pro TE are getting older. At the same time, you're seeing young players like Dez and Murray and Harris and Lee and Carter step up to play at blue chip or near blue chip levels. So it goes in the NFL. The important thing is whether or not you think this current group is capable of adding talent faster then they lose it. Signs look hopeful in that regard in my book. What makes you think they can't?

    I think most of you are just disappointed and are still venting. Our window's wide open as long as we continue to draft well and do good work in veteran FA.

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