News: DC.COM: Spagnola: This Program Heading In The Right Direction

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Bigdog24

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    Well crap...what fun is that...:laugh2:
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    Great fun for me --Its what I live for:D
  3. cowboyeric8

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    Yes of course the team needs improvement. They would still need improvement if they had just won the Super Bowl.

    I see a bigger picture than our record. There is only one champ every year anyway. We are building, I enjoyed this season.

    If people can't see improvement and a change for the future please open your eyes or stop watching football.
  4. Coy

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    Look, everyone is entitled to their opinion but for you to make such a remark makes me think you are the one who should open your eyes.

    Let me just throw some important stats your way from 2011 vs 2012.

    Penalties per game 7.1 vs 7.8 (worse)
    Scoring per game 23.1 vs 23.5 (just about the same)
    Yds per game 375.5 vs 374.6 (just about the same)
    Rushing Attempts 25.5 vs 22.2 (worse)
    Pts allowed per game 21.7 vs 25 (much worse)
    Yds per game allowed 343.2 vs 355.4 (worse)
    Turnovers per Game .8 vs 1.2 (worse)

    Not to mention other things like Romo throwing 3 less TD's (with one more game played in 2012) and 9 more Int's this year, Garrett still made huge clock managenent gaffes and this team specially the offense looked totaly unprepered at the begining of games.

    Although I bet you could find many stats that the Cowboys were better this year than in 2011, my point is, there's no way someone can say we are a much improved team from what we were in 2011.

    Look, I respect your opinion and I also see some good things with this team but for you to state that not to see improvement is completely wrong to the point of not watching football is completely wrong IMO.

    This is the link where I got the stats from.
  5. Vanilla2

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    I'm curious what people thought Dallas was gonna do before the season.

    From some of the posts is read it seems like folks thought they were gonna be really good.

    There are some posters here who are able to see the forest through the trees.

    Others have an odd sense of entitlement even though I'm sure they went into the season not expecting much.

    It's hard being a Cowboy fan these days.

    Not so much because of the team but because of this element in the fanbase.

    The element that is the joke they claim the team has become.
  6. Rack Bauer

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    Whoa! Slow down there!

    8.1 - 7.9.

    It's a process.
  7. CowboysYanksLakers

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    One problem... Romo is still the QB.
  8. cowboyeric8

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    Yeah that's the one problem. It is in fact not even a problem. You sir are intelligent.
  9. cowboyeric8

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    Thank you for answering civilly. I can't dispute any of your stats. There is just a different aura around this team as lame as that sounds. I truly enjoy watching Cowboys' football again because I like how the team carries themselves and has a never quit attitude. I didn't have high expectations for the year but I did expect playoffs, we were close and would have achieved it if it weren't for the countless injuries. I think we are a few years from being a legitimate contender but believe we are in the right direction. Only time will tell who is right, I wouldn't bet against the Cowboys.
  10. iceberg

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    man, nothing gets by you...
  11. cowboyeric8

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    Offer something more than a lame drive by pot shot or leave the thread.
  12. TheCount

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    You honestly think its hard being a fan, not because of the team, but be because of other fans?

    Would you think any differently if you weren't on the forum?
  13. Vanilla2

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    Actually count.

    Many of the fans I deal with are just like the posters of this board.

    I thought it was just the local fans since I never really thought to join a Cowboy message.

    I've got a guy at work who goes out of his way to tell me who much the team sucks when they lose but if they win there's nothing coming from him.

    And he's not the first case of that type of fan I've come across.

    I personally know the team needs to improve in alot of places to be competitive.

    I just don't think it's as bad as some do.

    I think if you look objectively at this team they are headed in the right direction despite its shortcomings.

    IMO that's a credit to Garrett and his process taking hold within the locker room.

    At the same time if Garrett is let go demolish the roster minus a few players.

    I just think the culture won't fully change with these players if a coach isn't allowed to fully put his imprint on the organization.

    And that's where Philips failed us all. There are far too many players that took advantage of his laid back style.

    I'm not blaming wade for the failings of the last two seasons but his tenure really put a hurtin on the roster.
  14. WoodysGirl

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    To me, expecting playoffs was having high expectations. Hoping for the playoffs is one thing, but expecting them? Nah.

    Nothing about this team prior to the season should've had people expecting anything but what was achieved. 8-8 and no playoffs. And then to start the season off the way they did, pretty much solidified that opinion for me, tho I was happy for every W they got.

    I think expectations were raised as the Cowboys made their last minute run, which is why so many folks are upset at yet another missed opportunity.
  15. Coy

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    Believe me, as a Cowboy fan for the past 25 years I really hope you are right, I love this team and there's nothing that can change that but it get's hard having the same result year after year.
    Anyway I'll be here year after year hoping and cheering our beloved Cowboys until we get our 6th Lombardi Trophy.
  16. ScipioCowboy

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    Now that there's funny. I don't care who you are.

  17. birdwells1

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    The problem with us playing in the last game of the season to win the division, 8-8, over shadows the fact that in any other division we would've been out the race weeks before that.
  18. stasheroo

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    Very true.

    We were competing for a playoff spot because ours was the easiest to win due to the NFC East's down year.

    The Bears were 10-6 and didn't make the playoffs, heck the Giants were eliminated having a better record than we did.

    Most teams with an 8-7 record would have no shot at the playoffs. Our shot was the result of division parity, not accomplishment.

    I'll post it again so maybe it sinks in this time.

    This team has beaten two playoff-caliber teams in the past two years - San Francisco in early 2011 and Cincinnati in 2012.

    If you want to point to anything at all, point to that.
  19. CyberB0b

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    How? They can't really afford to sign anyone and they haven't done well at drafting offensive and defensive linemen.
  20. TheCount

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    I think you make a lot of sense, but even so, I find it interesting that you don't find any frustration with the team but more so with the fans that are frustrated.

    No one likes the guy that only has something to say when things are bad, I'll be damned if being frustrated with this team isn't justified.

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