News: Spagnola: Time To Take A Little Break

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    Spagnola: Time To Take A Little Break
    Mickey Spagnola

    IRVING, Texas - Whew, let's all take a deep breath. Worn out, aren't you?

    This football played by the Dallas Cowboys over the past five days has been alternately a grind and breathtaking, needing 69 minutes, 21 seconds to erase Washington by three on Sunday and then every available second in those 60 minutes on Thanksgiving Day to brush off those pesky Miami Dolphins by a mere one.

    Better check the strength of those little blood pressure pills.

    But in the end, the almighty tally sheet says this:

    The Cowboys won two games in five days.

    They have won three in 12, pushing what was a .500 record to 7-4.

    They have won four consecutive games for the first time since the middle of the 2009 season, and now five of the past six since they stood 2-3.

    That 7-4 record has them alone in first place in the NFC East by a half-game, and at least until Monday night when the 6-4 New York Giants must play New Orleans, their reward for finishing second in the NFC East last season...

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