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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 31, 2006.

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    [​IMG]Not one, but two downtown stadiums here in Detroit. Side by side, just as in Seattle. Imagine that? Ought to see the energy they have created in what used to be the worst of downtowns. Condos, of all things, going up. Casinos here. Greek Town flourishing. Guess the folks here aren't as smart as the ones running downtown Dallas, who weren't about to make the same mistake with the Cowboys as they did by allowing American Airlines Center to be built. Brother.

    [​IMG]Seattle Pro Bowl tackle Walter Jones was asked to identify the last bad game the offensive line had played. "This game is so tough each week," Jones said. "Dallas played us tough." Sure the Cowboys did, holding the Seahawks to just those three points on the half-ending 55-yard field goal and 208 yards until yielding 81 on the game-tying drive that began with 2:06 remaining.

    [​IMG]Likely refusing to be front and center during Media Day, the venerable 73-year-old owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dan Rooney, humbly conducted an interview session off to the side, almost in obscurity since he is such a small man. When asked about Bill Parcells' comments to him at Wellington Mara's funeral, Mr. Rooney said, "Bill was sitting behind me and tapped me on the back and told me, 'The torch has passed to you.' Bill has been a friend of mine for a long time and I have great respect for him, both as a person and a coach. What he said meant a lot to me."

    [​IMG]Former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin, here working for ESPN, was part of the ABC interview session at Media Day. When asked for his most memorable Super Bowl moment, Irvin parried the question, saying, "The most memorable moment happened before the game. They just keep crying these words: 'It's just another game . . . it's just another game.' It's not just another game. Your knees will bump together, and come Sunday it hits you. So I'm giving (the players) a fair warning: It's not the same."

    [​IMG]Asked if he had any game-day superstitions or game-day rituals, Irvin said he always ate the same breakfast, including "cereal with water to remind myself of the days when I didn't have anything," back when he was a kid growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and the family of 17 kids didn't have enough money to even buy milk for cereal.
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    For all the mistakes he's made, there sure is a lot about Michael Irvin to admire.:bow:
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    I remember reading about stories that when first got to Miami, it took him a while to get accustomed to waiting in line for food at the cafeteria.
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    I've always liked the guy. Hell, if I had the $$ I would have been far more into drugs and strippers than he ever was. He's come out of it well.

    i just wish he had been able to put up stats for another year or two to make his HoF case a slam dunk
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    Kid in a really bad situation makes a legend out of himself. Great story with a few sidetracks here and there. He was always my favorite of the 3.
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    Wellington Mara is one of the last old guard owners.
    Quietly watching their team - hoping for success.

    Well we know that this would not happen to Dan Snyder.
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    This tells me more about Bill Parcells and his lofty status around the league than anything else. We're lucky to have him. Can you imgine Dave Campo or Chan Gailey or even Jerry tapping Dan Rooney in the back? at a funeral no less.

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