News: Stephen Jones: Cuts Were About Business

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    Stephen Jones: Cuts Were About Business
    Posted by nickeatman at 7/28/2011 6:38 PM CDT on

    As we’ve seen this summer, the NFL is definitely a business. And with that, comes tough business decisions.

    While the Cowboys basically made the decision to release veteran such as Roy Williams, Marion Barber, Marc Colombo and Leonard Davis earlier in the week, they weren’t official until Thursday. The Cowboys also waived WR Troy Bergeron, OL Robert Brewster, PK Kris Brown, G Travis Bright and LB Kelvin Smith.

    Obviously the big news centered on the offensive starters from last year. With that, Cowboys VP and director of player personnel Stephen Jones discussed the reasoning behind such moves after Thursday’s practice...
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    I wonder if Columbo would be a good coach. Seems like he's got the passion for the game anyway.

    Maybe Jerry will read this and hire Columbo to help coach up OL during training camp anyway. Until/if he gets signed somewhere else that is.

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