News: Story of ‘71 Cowboys Team A Must-Read

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    Story of ‘71 Cowboys Team A Must-Read
    Posted by nickeatman

    While the focus this week seems to be squarely on Saturday’s upcoming matchup with the Eagles, in a game that could decide the Cowboys’ playoff fate and possibly lead them to an NFC East title, it’s still Christmas. It’s still that time of year to get some last-second shopping.

    And if you’re still scrambling out there, trying to find a gift for a football fan, especially a die-hard Cowboys fan, then you might want to check out Breakthrough ‘Boys, the story of the 1971 Cowboys.

    Personally, I’m currently about halfway through the book, written by Jamie Aron, a longtime writer for The Associated Press who has written a handful of sports books in the last decade.

    But this one right here hits home more than any other I’ve read in a while because even though it’s been 40 years since the Cowboys’ first title, so many things happened that season that can be related to today’s game.

    Even if you don’t remember the Cowboys or the NFL back then, or in my case, weren’t even born yet, there are some reference points to consider...
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    If you ever get a chance to get the book "Drive to Win" by Steve Perkins it is about the 71 boys. Written by a Dallas Sportswriter at the time and not 30 years later its the best source I have ever read as regards the first generation Cowboys.

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