News: DC.COM: Swift Turnaround: Touchbacks A Priority For Buehler, Too

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    IRVING, Texas - As a rookie, he set the Cowboys' single-season franchise record and ends up leading the NFL in touchbacks.

    Three games into his second season, David Buehler is one of just four NFL place-kickers yet to record a single touchback.

    What gives? Well, Buehler doesn't know exactly but it is a concern for the second-year kicker, who obviously has more on his plate this year handling the field goals and extra points as well.

    Still, Buehler says Cowboys special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis doesn't always prefer a touchback anyway.

    "If we can pin them down inside the 20 ... that's the goal, too," Buehler said. "For Joe D, the ideal kick would be great hang time, real close to the sideline and about a yard or two in the end zone to make them make a decision to come or not."

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