News: DC.COM: Tempers Flare As Final Practice In San Diego Proves Physical

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    Josh Ellis Staff Writer

    SAN DIEGO – Both Jason Garrett and Norv Turner bragged about the focused mentality of their teams in Monday’s joint practice, two days after a preseason game, but things got a little more heated on Tuesday.

    Particularly in the matchup between the Cowboys offense and the Chargers defense, the action was physical. The scrappiness began when rookie tight end Andrew Szczerba[IMG] got locked up with San Diego’s first-round linebacker, Melvin Ingram, the two trading shoves and wrestling one another to the ground before finally being separated.

    When the units began a no-tackling red zone drill, the Chargers started laying the wood to Cowboys receivers. Safety Atari Bigby got a clean shot on rookie Danny Coale[IMG], then cornerback Quentin Jammer de-cleated Dwayne Harris[IMG] at the goal line, knocking off his helmet.

    “He caught me right in the chin. My face still hurts a little bit. But I’ll get a little ice on it. I’ll be OK,” Harris said after the practice. “I definitely think it was a cheap shot. I wasn’t looking. I turned my head and gott a helmet to the chin. But he’s a competitor. He’s trying to make a play, just like I was and everybody else was out there. I don’t blame him for it. He’s a competitor. It’s football. You take hits and get up and go to the next play.”

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