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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Dale, Jun 2, 2004.

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    Not sure if this has been posted or not. If it has, just let me know and I'll delete it...

    Testaverde Deal Getting Close

    Nick Eatman Staff Writer
    June 2, 2004, 2:30 p.m. (CDT)

    IRVING, Texas - The June 1 deadline has come and gone, and as expected, several headline players have found the waiver wire.

    Vinny Testaverde, an 18-year veteran quarterback, has been released.

    Two-time NFL MVP Kurt Warner has been cut, too.

    Also, players such as Jeremiah Trotter and Daryl Gardner have also been cut, with Eddie George expected to get the ax from Tennessee in the near future.

    So far, the Cowboys are sitting tight, but that might not be for long.

    All summer, the Cowboys refused to back away from speculations that Testaverde could be signed after June 1. And now that he's finally available, he could be donning the Blue Star soon enough.

    The Cowboys are currently working on the negotiations with Testaverde's agent, Mike Azarelli, who told two Dallas newspapers Tuesday his client is still looking for a chance to compete for a starting job.

    But Testaverde's options seem somewhat limited, with only the Cowboys, Patriots, Giants, and possibly the Panthers showing any kind of interest.

    Tom Brady just led the Patriots to their second Super Bowl in three years and it's not likely the two-time Super Bowl MVP will get any kind of competition from Testaverde. The Panthers seem content on sticking with Jake Delhomme, who led Carolina to that Super Bowl match-up against the Pats.

    And the Giants traded for the No. 1 overall draft pick in Eli Manning, and it won't be too long before he takes over for good in New York.

    So Dallas might be Testaverde's best option after all.

    Both head coach Bill Parcells and owner Jerry Jones have said Quincy Carter is still the starting quarterback and shouldn't get much competition for the job during training camp.

    But if Testaverde is eyeing another chance to start, it's not out of the question it could happen with the Cowboys.

    Carter did throw 21 interceptions last season, to just 17 touchdowns, and Parcells has made it clear the number of picks have to be cut down this year. If Carter struggles early in the season, Parcells could go to Testaverde for relief. The veteran turns 41 in November, but has history with Parcells, who coached the quarterback during his last two years on the New York sidelines.

    Testaverde led the Jets to a 12-4 record and a spot in the AFC Championship Game in 1998, before he ruptured his Achilles tendon in 1999 season opener and missed the entire year. The Jets never fully recovered, finishing 8-8 after starting a dismal 1-6.

    Testaverde has backed up Jets quarterback Chad Pennington the past two seasons, but did start the first seven games of last season when Pennington was out with a broken wrist. The Jets lost their first four games, but the team, and Testaverde, improved to win two of their next three before Pennington returned to the lineup. New York finished with a 6-10 record.

    By waiting until now to release Testaverde, the Jets spread the salary-cap hit over two seasons. He will count $3.5 million in 2004, with another $4 million in 2005. If he had stayed with the Jets this season, it would've been a $4.5 million cap charge.

    After his release, Testaverde issued a prepared statement through his agent.

    "I appreciate the Jets for allowing me to move on with my career," Testaverde said. "I want to thank the organization for the chance to play in my hometown. It has been a great experience. We've had some exciting moments on the field and memories I can take with me. It was a pleasure working with coach (Herm) Edwards and I wish the team and him much success."

    If Testaverde signs with the Cowboys, likely to be just a one-year deal, he won't only reunite with Parcells, but wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson.

    The Cowboys added Johnson this off-season through a trade with the Buccaneers. In Testaverde's only full season with the Jets, Johnson caught 83 passes for 1,131 yards and a career-high 10 touchdowns.

    The Cowboys will hold their first and only veteran mini-camp Saturday, which lasts until Monday. If signed this week, Testaverde will likely participate in the three-day camp.
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    HermsHerald aka LaTuna. That crow is getting warmer :D
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    She is just mad because all of her favorite jets of the last few years are following Bill :p
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    Dale, I can't tell you how nice it is to see you posting again. Even if it means the article I just copied to paste here is the one you just posted.

    Welcome home man!!!
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    Call me blind and silly....but I did not even notice it was Dale that posted that article.

    Welcome back Dale. :)
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    Why don't I see that article if I go direct to, but I do if I follow the link in this thread?
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    2,414 Likes Received is essentially's demo version of their web site. The articles they post go there first, so that they can then view them to see how they fit on the page before they launch them officially on the page.

    Nick and Alan just haven't launched this article on the official page yet, which is why it isn't appearing yet.

    And thanks for the welcome backs, guys. :)
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    Thanks for posting, Dale. I've enjoyed reading your post in the other forum. Glad you're finally getting around...'bout time! :D
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    I'm also glad you are back Dale.

    I was really anxious to see some post from you.
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    Good. That means we'll be getting some pics this weekend. Huh? Huh?
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    Injured Hutchinson Odd Man Out?

    Chad Hutchinson's stint in NFL Europe is over, despite one game still to play.

    And his days with the Cowboys could be in jeopardy as well.

    The third-year quarterback had started eight games for the Rhein Fire this summer, but suffered a season-ending shoulder injury last week. He missed last Saturday's game against and Frankfurt will not play in the season finale against Amsterdam.

    More importantly, Hutchinson's injury will prevent him from participating in any of the Cowboys' mini-camp practices or on-the-field workouts, which last through next week.

    Hutchinson spent last week in Birmingham, Ala., having his shoulder examined by Dr. James Andrews, one of the Cowboys' team doctors.

    Since the injury occurred during the NFL Europe season, the Cowboys could release Hutchinson without paying him an injury settlement. The quarterback could become a salary cap casualty since the June 1 deadline has passed. If released, the Cowboys would be able to split $2 million in accelerated signing bonus over the next two years.

    Trading Hutchinson would be an option, considering the Cowboys have already lost a third and sixth-round pick in next year's draft. But if Hutchinson in traded, the entire $2 million would hit the Cowboys' salary cap this year.

    If the Cowboys sign Testaverde, he would be the fifth quarterback on the roster, along with Carter, Drew Henson and Tony Romo.

    Teams usually on take four quarterback to training camp to give equal amount of reps during practices and preseason games.
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    Actually, yes. :) I'll be in Dallas for the mini camp this weekend, but only for Saturday and Sunday. I'll be unable to attend Monday's practice, and the next three days of practice are off limits to the media.
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    I'm just mad the right ones aren't following him. Young studs like Johnnny Abe, I mean.

    But that too shall come to pass.

    Qcard, funny how everyone remembers so vididly when you're WRONG, but no one reminds you when you're RIGHT. ;)

    But I stand by my original feeling - my hero is going NUTS if he brings in Vinnie.
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    I think bringing in Vinny, or a Vinny-type (as in, an old, experienced vet) is the right thing to do. Not to play, necessarily. We haven't had a true vet quarterback on the Cowboys since Cunningham retired, I think in 2000. I think it's a disservice to a young qb to not have a veteran qb on the roster to help steer them. It's not the same coming from coaches, or other position players.
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    Maybe Vinnie as a backup mentor - can't see any value add as him running this team in 2004. Its not 1998 any more and he's on 41.

    I'm a Long Islander born (Commack) but can't see Vinnie being our Starter. I'm getting ill at that thought.
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    Allow me to self police.

    I was wrong about Chad Hutchinson. I thought he'd be released before the close of business today. It's an hour to Midnight on the East Coast. The crow is piping hot.
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    Vinnie had ONE sterling year in NY, and I'm speaking "reality wise", not stat wise.

    98, when finally he benefited from Dan Henning's offensive game plans which took all possible heat off him, when not being in third and longs allowed his TD-INT ratio to start reversing itself, when Key was in his prime, when CURTIS was in his prime, when Mawae was in his prime. When everything just came together, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy..

    Still, the AFC Champiosnhip game was lost, according to that scuzbag Romanowski, because the Broncs "knew" Vin would cave under real pressure. Sho nuff, in the second half he folded.

    He went down opening day in 99. At the end of 2000 he groused about "driving a Ford insteed of a Cadillac". Key had gone to Tampa. That year he led a few comeback wins, notably vs the Phins on MNF. But week after week, he could never get anything started til the third quarter. We played catch up all year, and inevitable it went bust. It was inexplicable, the first half malaise. And the picks. They came back. :rolleyes:

    Under the new regime, he had rigid, anal wco freak Hackett to blame. But by 2002 Hackett was tailoring the system to VT's strengths more. Vinnie was lucky Pennington sat until early 2002. He shouldn't have sat. The idea he was "handled right, brought along slowly" is BULL. In 2001 a "dead arm" from offseason overwork saw CP deactivated for several games. Vinnie started by default in 01.

    Last year he dinked and dunked fairly effectively in Hacket's lame offense, stat wise, and he then had the loss of Coles to bemoan. He also *****ed he didn't get enough preseason work to get rid of the "rust". Well, after Pennigton got hurt, was Coach Edwards going to lose Vinnie in preseason too? THAT'd have gone over big.

    He put up good stats, but couldn't get it in. If you think the stalled drives were frustrating here, see Vinnie's last year. There were enough issues, for sure.. but Vinnie was part of the problem, not the solution.

    It can't be that Bill is bringing him in for any other reason than insurance. He's got eons of experience, but is a slow learner. He whined in 2000 his year injured in 99 left him unable to accurately read defenses, they had "changed so much" in one year. He's a class act in many ways, but an incredible finger pointer when things don't go well. He can't come off the bench and adapt fast, he has lost mobility, he has never been a good decision maker. Like Carter, he takes inexplicable chances based on hubris and over faith in his arm.

    What Coach Henning did with Delhomme last year did not surrpise me. Dan made the same kind of impact in VT's game. But I kinda doubt Sean Payton will appreciate coddling Vinnie like a young developing QB, and if his having to game plan around Q's weaknesses, was frustating,. let him get a dose of 41 year old "all conditions must be right or it's pick city" Vinnie.

    Geez, and to think VT will be robbing Henson of reps.
  18. LaTunaNostra

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    Hey far be it from me to rub it in, but injured or not, does it make sense to release a guy you get a camp roster exemption on, who has a guaranteed salary, and who will be needed to throw at that plethora of young receiver wide outs in mini camp and tc?

    Plus JJ has too good form to release a guy who ate his own crow to go to Europe, and got hurt there to boot. Jolly bad show if he did.

    Hopefully, Mr. Ed's injury is not serious and he can enliven the tc this summer. IMHO, any former starter who consented to go to Europe, DESERVES the entire summer camp to build on whatever he accomplished there. It just ainT RIGHT to cut him the week he returns, injured, healhty, or whatever..

    Feel free to point out to me the error of my ways re Vinnie when my time comes. As it evidently is SO near. :D
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    Good post LaTuna. I had no idea Vinny's 99 season was so amazing. A TD/INT ratio of 29/7. That is pretty incredible. I read on another board that someone gave a lot of the credit to Weis in addition to Tuna. Is that correct? Who caught all the touchdown passes. Keyshawn was very good that year, but who else did they have. Chrebet has always been a possession receiver, and I can't remember anyone else.

    I am lukewarm on Vinny. Although I will be disappointed if Vinny costs our team from keeping Romo on the roster. Romo may never be a player, but I would like to keep him on the roster to let him develop for another year. I don't think he will stick on our practice squad.
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    No it doesn't been when has it been anything but chic to hate Hutch? "Hard Knocks" doomed him.

    People assume that because they are in a hurry to get rid of a player that Jerry must be as well. Larry Allen has been gone in so many posts over the last 2 years.

    I don't even like Hutch myself, but I totally agree with that. If a guy is a good soldier you respect that. That is why I never try to respond to the threads about Q being gone. If I did, as much as I am judged for disliking him already, I'd be totally branded.

    I think you can bank on that. ;)

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