News: The Truth Of This Trust Matter

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    Trust Issues
    The Truth Of This Trust Matter
    Mickey Spagnola

    IRVING, Texas - Do you guys remember in A few Good Men this famous exchange:

    "You want answers?

    "I think I'm entitled to.

    "You want answers?

    "I want the truth.

    "You can't handle the truth."

    Well, well, maybe we needed to call in Col. Jessup here to clear up the truth about all these trust issues suddenly swirling around the Cowboys ever since what should have been hailed as an encouraging performance against the New England Patriots this past Sunday.

    Sure, no one liked that the Cowboys lost, 20-16, to the Patriots, especially when they had, of all things, a 16-13 lead and the ball with 3:36 to play. No one is particularly enthralled over the Cowboys' 2-3 record heading into Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams at Cowboys Stadium, nor that for the first time since Nov. 7, 2010, Dallas has lost consecutive games, although this time it's only two, not the five straight last year that cost Wade Phillips his job.

    But good gosh, those were the Patriots they lost to, weren't they? The 5-1 Patriots who have been torching the NFL, now having won 19 of their past 22 regular-season games; 20 straight at Gillette Stadium; 18 straight vs. NFC opponents at Gillette; and 31 straight at home with Tom Brady starting.

    I mean, have we forgotten who these Cowboys were?...

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