News: DC.COM: Too Much, Too Soon: Confidence Is Nice, But Maybe Ryan Should Cool It

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Josh Ellis Staff Writer
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    The Cowboys' Ryan absolutely lived up to his billing when he met the local media for the first time last week. Time and time again in his 20 minute briefing he referred to himself and his unit as great, or tremendous, or some derivative thereof.

    Evidently, the Cowboys are going to have one heck of a defense.

    "We're not looking to make excuses," Ryan said. "We're going to be great in the first week of the season. We're going to be ready to go."

    That Ryan has the mic skills and attitude of Hulk Hogan is genuinely entertaining, and theoretically a good thing for his players to be around, because those guys definitely need to recoup a certain self-belief that was missing by midseason and never really came back.

    But frankly it's a little off-putting, a little disconcerting, that Ryan is talking about all this like it's a fait accompli.

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    Well lah dee dah and woop de doo Josh.....gimme a break Nancy and grow a PAIR!!!!!!!!!!!:laugh2:

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    Rob Ryan is who he has always been, he ain't changing for some dork named Josh Ellis or any other nitwit reporter.
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    Agreed. I get sick of this style of reporting. Here is something Mr. Ellis. Tweet something intelligent about the Cowboys and not your nitwit opinion of the new DC.

    Why would you even have this tweeted? Are you looking to be singled out by Rob in briefings? Are you looking to stir something up w/ your complete lack of knowledge of anything football let alone Rex Ryan or defensive?

    What is hilarious is that this idiot works for the Cowboys and is saying this. He obviously has NOT done a smidge of homework on Rob Ryan. The dolt acts like this is something news worthy to tweet about.

    NEWS FLASH TO NITWIT Staff Writer Josh Ellis

    Rob Ryan has ALWAYS been this cocky. :eek:
  5. NorthTexan95

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    Would he rather Ryan come in and say how terrible he is and how terrible the players are? Just because he's praising players do they think he'll actually be that way in private? Does he not realize that 99.9% of what he said was just "coach speak"? Since Josh is part of the media he's probably too dumb to know.

    He ends the article by saying we should give Ryan the benefit of the doubt ... but his artlcle doesn't. What a waste of time.

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