News: DC.COM: Total Uncertainty: At Least There Is Going To Be A Draft

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    Mickey Spagnola Columnist

    IRVING, Texas - Here is the one thing, maybe the only thing, we know for sure will take place this year in the National Football League:
    The NFL Draft.

    The three-day event is scheduled for April 28-30, seven rounds, 32 teams, trading allowed but only picks at this time.
    As for anything else, who really knows? My head hurts from reading about lockouts, extensions, decertification, $9 billion, 18-game schedules, 60 percent, 52 percent, injunctions, anti-trust class-action lawsuits and financial disclosure.

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    The draft will be fun to watch, but it will mean nothing.

    There will still be the uncertainty of what the rookies will be paid, which will affect some of the draft choices at the top.

    There will still be the chance that the players win a lawsuit that makes all the drafted players free agents.

    Anything could happen, even though we keep saying it won't.
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    maybe enough players will show up to atleast complete one round of draft.

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