News: Undrafted FA Cap a Blow to Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Undrafted FA Cap A Blow To Cowboys
    Posted by jellis at 4/25/2012 4:57 PM CDT on

    The Cowboys have a history of hitting on undrafted players in recent years, from Tony Romo, Miles Austin and Stephen Bowen to Barry Church, Danny McCray and Phil Costa.

    Those success stories don't grow on trees, however.

    Priority free agents cost money, and under the terms of last year's Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Cowboys and other teams now have less to spend on players who were not drafted.

    Per the new rules, no team can grant more than $75,000 in signing bonuses to undrafted free agents over a three-year span...
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    Seems like a stupid cap to have
  3. Meat-O-Rama

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    How long until we find out Mara was behind this one too?
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    Is that 75K per or collectively?
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    I don't see how that is so damning to the Cowboys...

    This doesn't control regular salary at all... all you would have to do is give a more front loaded contract.

    And if you wanted it spread over the course of say 3 years all you would have to do is increase the total size of the contract...

    so i guess I'm lost as to what the problem is.

    Only person this hurts is the free agent, as far as i can see.
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    signing bonus is how free agents differentiate offers.
    udfa have to travel to a new city and 25k per year is insanely low total sb money to offer.

    we have given out 75k in sb to udfa in a single year fairly often.

    this is a stupid rule.
    i hate nfl ownership as a whole.
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    From what I understand of the rule, it simply means that to establish a 75k dollar sb to a player, their contract has to be a minimum of 3 years. The signing bonus is only prorated as it effects the cap, the money is still paid up front.
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    Listing Phil Costa as a "success" story :laugh2:
  9. AdamJT13

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    It's $75,000 for all undrafted rookies combined. And anything more than the minimum salary counts against the limit, so you can't just increase their base salaries.

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