News: DC.COM: Upon Further Review: Breaking Down O-Line Woes; Dissecting TD

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    Here are some thoughts from the offensive side of the ball after watching the film at Valley Ranch following the Cowboys’ 16-10 win over Tampa Bay:

    O-Line Struggles
    There is no doubt that the offensive line struggled in this game overall. There was no push at the point of attack to help the running game and there were too many physical breakdowns in pass protection that were unacceptable. In our preview of the Buccaneers we addressed the problems that their defense could cause with their movement up front. Ryan Cook[​IMG] and Mackenzy Bernadeau[​IMG] didn’t play their best games. Cook had been solid in his first two games but was poor in this one. He struggled getting to the second level a running play and allowing linebacker Mason Foster to run and make a tackle on Murray on a “Boss” play. On a draw play early in the game, he can’t secure Roy Miller who makes the tackle for no gain.

    Receivers Come Up Big
    Last week against the Seahawks the Cowboys wide receivers really struggled with the press coverage in getting into their routes. This week, Miles Austin[​IMG], Dez Bryant[​IMG] and Kevin Ogletree[​IMG] did a much better job of attacking these Buccaneers cornerbacks. Going into the game they knew that Wright and Talib were going to try and knock them around after what Seattle had done to them. The receivers were able to fight through the press and give this offense a chance to make plays.

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