News: DC.COM: Veteran QB Doesn’t Mind Being Camp Exception This Week

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    By Jonathan Auping

    The Cowboys kicked off training camp with a Wednesday morning practice at 8 a.m., possibly the earliest they’ve ever conducted a practice at the Valley Ranch complex.

    The time was to beat the Texas heat, but overall, this camp is for the rookies, other young players who need to learn the system, and veterans who haven’t practiced much.

    Oh, and well, veteran quarterback Kyle Orton, too.

    The Cowboys’ backup quarterback is by far the most experienced player currently practicing at Valley Ranch with eight years in NFL. Tony Romo was advised not to participate in these early practices as a precaution and is expected to be ready for the opening of training camp in Oxnard this Monday.

    Orton, however, does not view these practices as a mere obligation in which he serves as the wily veteran to mentor all of the younger players. As a new Cowboy, he looks at the sessions as a valuable time for him to better learn the offense.

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    I think he's going to be a good backup QB. He seems to like his opportunity, and I wish him and all the Cowboys good luck this season.
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    Backup QB is gotta be the hardest thing to do. These guys have all been top tier guys their whole career and now have to roll as the known #2. Its a paycheck and but most of the guys have to hate it at the QB spot.

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