News: DC.COM: What 'Philosophical Change' Means For Defensive Assistants

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    Rowan Kavner Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – Trying to decipher what head coach Jason Garrett meant by going “in a different direction philosophically on defense” after Rob Ryan’s departure can be tricky.

    The first way to take those comments is he might want to switch from the 3-4 scheme Ryan utilized during his short tenure in Dallas. Moving to a 4-3 might make some sense given the personnel, as well.

    Jay Ratliff[​IMG] had been a dominant force at nose tackle, and despite not possessing the gigantic frame of most nose tackles, he managed to play the position and still create pressure. As the injuries pile on, though, a switch to a 4-3 could be helpful for him, not having to play directly on top of the center.

    The likelihood of a possible switch could also depend on the team’s confidence in signing Anthony Spencer[​IMG]. If Spencer’s back, he and DeMarcus Ware[​IMG] are capable of playing as pass-rushing defensive ends. If he doesn’t return, the Cowboys will have a few decisions to make about that spot opposite Ware, though that’ll be the case regardless of the scheme.

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    Broaddus seems to think if the Cowboys go 4-3 that Crawford is a lock to play inside at DT. I think he could be a good strong side DE.
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    As a fan, I have not seen enough out of Crawford (in games) to predict that he would be a solid DT in a 4-3. We will have to rely on BB's expertise as a scout on this one.

    My biggest concern would be playing Ware at DE. My second biggest concern is Dallas would need another starting tackle and a DE to back up/replace (eventually) Hatcher.
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    I wouldn't exactly rely on Broaddus' scouting ability. Not that he isn't informed but he doesn't have the greatest track record.

    I don't know why you'd worry about Ware. He can play either scheme. Whether we move to a 4-3 or stay 3-4, we're going to need several DL upgrades. At least over the next two years.

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