News: DC.COM: Wide Awake: Emotion A Big Part Of Bryant's Game

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    IRVING, Texas - Dez Bryant says his expression of emotion on the sideline and in the locker room is more akin to that of Michael Irvin than another former Cowboy, Terrell Owens.

    The talented heir to the proud franchise legacy at wide receiver, Bryant was caught on camera loudly voicing his frustration while heading to the sideline early in the fourth quarter of the Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day loss to New Orleans. The rookie said he was upset with officials that he was flagged for an illegal shift, not that he had been held without a catch for the first time in his young career, as some believed.

    "That's just the type of guy I am about football," Bryant said. "It was nothing wrong. I wasn't doing anything wrong. It was the game bringing that out of me."

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