News: Wishful Thinking? This Free-Agent Wish List More Like A Pipedream

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    Wishful Thinking?
    Eatman: This Free-Agent Wish List More Like A Pipedream
    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas - Lists, lists, lists.

    That's about all we've got anymore. Top 10 of this. Top 12 of that. Five guys to remember for this and seven players who will compete for that.

    I guess that's where we are these days in all of sports. It's not good enough to just see or read about a certain player or position. But let's rank them and see where it stands compared to others.

    That's really our society in general. We're always trying to see how one thing stacks up to another. Nothing wrong with that.

    This week, I figured I'd get into the main topic we're all thinking about anyway - and that's free agency. When - and yes it's looking more like a "when" than an "if" - this lockout comes to an end, the free-agent signing period will likely be upon us soon after.

    So just who will be on this team a month from now? That's rarely a question asked in late June. If this team gets to training camp on time, there will likely be 10-15 new players on the roster, including a handful of significant veteran free agents...
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    Joe Lefeged is a camp body. Well coached though

    Dont get the love of our DB's. It was all Alan Balls fault huh?
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    I love that he made a list. It's actually very similar to my own, save for replacing Sensabaugh with Huff.
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    Here are the random thoughts..just numbers. From these you can see that Newman and Jenkins were two of the worst corners in the league last year. Surprising maybe on Newman because some said he was having a decent year until injuries.

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    Let's not forget the little guy.

    Higher Education: Burn Rate for Cornerbacks

    (look in the "worst" list)

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    part of the problems that the Boys CBs had was due to worrying about the lousy FS play going on; and trying to cover for that. Both Jenkins and Newman had top years in 2009. So for them to be that bad in 2010 means something happened. Most of what happened was Ball. More was Spencer regressing and Ratlif not doing well; our pass rush really dropped off outside of ware. Pass rush is the CBs best friend.

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    Former Cowboy Nate Jones, now with the Broncos, was also on the "worst" list.

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