News: With OTs, Don't Forget Run Blocking

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Apr 15, 2011.

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    With OTs, Don't Forget Run Blocking
    Posted by jellis at 4/14/2011 12:24 PM CDT on

    With the idea that the Cowboys will pick an offensive lineman in the first round of this month's draft starting to set in more and more, it's worth talking about what kind of player the Cowboys need at the position.

    Typically, first-round offensive linemen are identified based on their strength as pass protectors. Premium picks will often be asked to play on the left side of the line, the guarding the quarterback's blind spot. It is the most valuable position on the front five, so it stands to reason that a team will want its big investment to man the spot.

    However, the Cowboys were very pleased with the way Doug Free played there last season. Though he has played right tackle and could move back there, it's unlikely the team would entrust Tony Romo's health to a rookie, even the best tackle prospect in the draft. For the player's first year, at least, he would be asked to play right tackle, taking over for Marc Colombo...
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    Top Tackles Have Something In Common
    Posted by jellis at 4/12/2011 11:31 AM CDT on

    In writing today's draft rundown on offensive lineman Derek Sherrod of Mississippi State, I came across an interesting similarity between he and two other highly-ranked blockers the Cowboys hosted last week.

    Boston College's Anthony Castonzo, Colorado's Nate Solder and Sherrod were among 16 national finalists for the NCAA's 2010 William V. Campbell Trophy, the "Academic Heisman," some would call it, which honors college football's best at combining on-field achievement with academic success and community leadership.

    Sherrod had the highest GPA of the three, with a 3.54 and a degree in business administration. Solder had a 3.51 in biology and Castonzo a 3.45 in biochemistry...
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    I have not forgotten it.

    Tyron Smith is the best run blocker in the draft.

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