News: Writers Share Their Game 16 Gut Feeling

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    IRVING, Texas – Just like last year, it comes down to this final week of the season.

    The Cowboys need to win on the road in the season finale to claim the NFC East and garner a home playoff game. A loss means the season ends with an 8-8 record.

    They didn’t get the job done last year in the Meadowlands, losing to the eventual Super Bowl champion Giants. The Cowboys also had the same situation in 2008 and lost to the Eagles, 44-6.

    Will things change this year? We’re about to find out.

    Here are the gut feelings for staff writers Nick Eatman, Bryan Broaddus and Rowan Kavner.

    Rowan: My eyes during the last matchup would tell me not to pick against the Redskins. My gut’s telling me otherwise. Something about the adversity the Cowboys have overcome this year makes it seem like they’re at least destined for the playoffs.

    Bryan: Despite all these injuries on the defensive side of the ball for the Cowboys, my gut feeling tells me that Rob Ryan and this defense do a much better job of not allowing the Redskins to make big plays in this game and that is what their offense is based on.

    Nick: Let’s just get straight to it – the Cowboys will win this game. Unlike many other games this year in which I really could’ve done better flipping a coin because I just wasn’t sure, I feel pretty confident about this one.

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  2. Teague31

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    Talk about the kiss of death
  3. Stryker44

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    Gotta love paid homerism. lol. I can't imagine any team's website writers picking against their team in a crucial game like this one.
  4. BlueStar3398

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    They don't always pick the Cowboys to win.

    I'm with all 3 of them. The Cowboys will win this one. :)
  5. CoCo

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    I suspect they are truly drinking the koolaid rather than following orders (official or not) from the boss. This team has earned a certain respect amongst the media at this point. As long as they continue their hard fought performances of the recent past I suspect that respect continues no matter Sunday's outcome.
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    I have the same feeling. Feel the cowboys are going to win. Not homerism either. Its like me calling all you pessimists trolls.
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    This made me lol. Seriously these guys are talking like a couple scheme corrections on defense and were good. I really hope it's that easy.

    Cowboys ftw
  8. Idgit

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    Clearly, you're new around here.
  9. burmafrd

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    The local area sportswriters are the LEAST homer group you can imagine. I know of no other NFL town that has such critical and cynical mediots
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    Come on Jean -Jacques? :D
  11. BlueStar3398

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    True. Both Colishaw and Gosellin (Goose as they call him) picked the Skins to win. They are big RG3 fans.
  12. davidyee

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    ...especially with the LBs.

    Cowboys by 3.

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