News: DC: Dunbar Needs Knee Surgery; Expected To Miss Rest Of Year

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Nov 29, 2013.

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    Dunbar Needs Knee Surgery; Expected To Miss Rest Of Year
    Posted 2 hours ago


    IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys picked up a much-needed win on Thursday, but it seems like it comes with a price.

    On Friday, the Cowboys learned running back Lance Dunbar, who had a career-high 82 rushing yards in Thursday’s win over the Raiders, will likely be out for the season with a knee injury.

    Dunbar is expected to undergo surgery on his left knee. The official injury diagnosis is a posterior lateral corner (Posterolateral Corner) that needs to be repaired.The loss is a big setback considering how much of a spark Dunbar gave the Cowboys in their 31-24 Thanksgiving Day win over the Raiders. WhileDeMarco Murray found the end zone three times on the ground, it was Dunbar who gave the Cowboys’ offense a much-needed jolt.
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    So bummed about this
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    But since he really hadn't contributed much up until this game..'s hard to know what to expect from him.

    I thought he was entirely too light to play effectively. maybe him now looking at rehab..

    ..he can add some weight and strength.

    Then I'd really like to see what he is..
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    I've been rewinding his runs on DVR in the Giants and Raiders game and just imagining what he could do going forward then got the bad news about his knee. SMH
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    Dear Injury Bug,

    Please stop feeding on the Dallas Cowboys.

    There's LOTS of fat guys in New England.

    A literal buffet you can pull your chair up to.


    The DC Training Staff

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