News: DC: Kavner: Be Careful Messing With Good Thing In Free

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    IRVING, Texas – Doug Free’s a tackle, not a guard. The idea to move Free inside came up last year, and it’s a thought that’s arisen again from some pundits if the Cowboys decide to draft a
    tackle in the first round. Only this time, the move for Free wouldn’t be by necessity, and it’s not the right way to go about it.

    Free got experience inside at camp last year at guard when the offensive line’s depth was tested prior to the season, but it’s an unnecessarily perilous decision to start the 2014 season doing that. It’s especially dangerous and unnecessary considering the offensive line and Free, in particular, just wrapped up one of their best seasons in years.

    The experiment to try Free at guard, initially, came after the offensive lineman’s contract was slashed and he was coming off a down year. That down year seemed to result from a lack of confidence and/or strength and technique. Jermey Parnell was a legitimate contender to earn the right tackle spot at the start of the 2013 season after rotating with Free at the end of 2012.

    It didn’t happen that way because of how Free performed from the start in 2013.

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  2. WoodysGirl

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    Kavner says, "Just say no to moving Free"
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    Leave Free at ROT, draft a OG/C early and OT day 3.
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    sometimes something looks bad until you change it
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  5. Joe Rod

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    I agree with Kavner. Free finally reverted back into that 2009/2010 form that he had simply lost until 2013. Give the man his stability, let him be a good Right Tackle and draft a guard if they are concerned about what they have there.
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    I wish I could remember the poster who detailed all the help Free had received last season to cover for his inadequacies. The depth in which he and the guards lined up were to compensate for the inside move, leaving him only the responsibility of turning the rusher out and upfield. IF that is how the OL operated (even succesfully) it should not be counted on to continue. He is OK. No need to reach for his replacement, but if one is available, rush to the podium (Lewan)!
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    I'm still not sure what they want or need to do because I don't know how they feel about Weems and/or Parnell. If Parnell is ready to play then either Free becomes the swing tackle or you try to move him inside. I can tell you he's not nearly as strong as Mack is although I wouldn't say he wouldn't play as well or even better.

    My guess is the OT is ok if they feel ok with Parnell and if not they'll be drafting one at some point. You can't keep Parnell around too much longer if he's not good enough to start even if he plays the swing tackle.

    I'm still thinking they will look for an OC/OG to back Fred up and play reserve guard or even push for a starting job. I still see the interior as more of a problem than the outside.
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    Just get the best 5 OL on the field. I see no issue with that.
  9. casmith07

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    I'm in the minority that thinks we don't need to invest heavy resources in the offensive line. We have 5 young guys all playing very well and finally learning their positions.

    We absolutely need depth, though. All we have is basically tackles with Parnell and Weems. We need depth all along the interior.
  10. BigStar

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    I think another premium player is needed @ G or T in order to "maintain" this high level of OL play. Complacency is how this team gets caught up in the first place (first OL with cutting ties with no plan in place with Gurode/Flo/Columbo) and now DL (Crawford and Bass are our only home talent). The rebuilding of the OL took away two potential seasons of success for Tony & crew.
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  11. SilverStarCowboy

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    Are we really in good hands with Free.

    When a Player drops off the face of the planet and disappears for an entire year there is always a chance for a relapse. If Weems and Parnell are the Insurance maybe you should call All-State, or better yet All-Conference. This is a good Draft for OT, even better for OG. There are 7th Round choices at each position on the OL that can be there when you need them in case of mayhem which is always and will always be ... everywhere.

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  12. TonyRomo17

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    man peopel are forgetting how hard Free's play fell off the last 8 weeks
  13. TonyRomo17

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    it was xwalker i think
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  14. Chuck 54

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    If we draft an O-lineman, we hopefully draft the best player available, whether he's a RT or an interior guy.
    Once you draft the best OL you can, you throw him into the mix, and halfway through training camp, you play the best five players who give you the best OL, whether that starting group has Free at RT, RG, or on the bench.
  15. BigStar

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    Thanks! Felt bad stealing his stuff. XWalker laid out in good detail the specific ways in which the line is covering for Free. Let's not be too quick to accept his play as the standard. Made me look @ Free in a much different light.
  16. Doomsday101

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    dilemma here is Free is on the last year of his contract and Dallas has nothing behind him. I would not be opposed to getting a top tackle in this draft. My hope is still to see top rated defensive players high in the draft especially a DL player but would not be upset with OT
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  17. Ntegrase96

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    He had a pretty rough go of things in the middle of the season for a span of about 2-3 games, but he played well in some games down the stretch.

    The final game against Philadelphia was one of his better outings of the year.
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    If the 014 line has a major injury like Fredd or Smith or Leary who has a limited amount of cartilage in his knees and there isn't someone better than the couch potatoes like they've had to scrape for the last 2 years someones gonna have some splainin to do. I'm not predicting that the sky is falling but it was on the ground before week 2 last year for the D line.
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    Yes, backup OG might be the top need on the team. If the backup DT is not good, then giving up points is the worst that can happen. If the backup OG is needed and is not good, then the QB could be injured. That's not good, especially with an older QB with 2 back surgeries.
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    I'm just happy that someone remembered it.

    Yes, the coaches did a brilliant job of scheming around Free's issues.

    The good thing is that they have a legit backup OT, Parnell. They also have a guy with some physical talent and possible upside, Weems.

    At OG they only have a guy that last played in 2010, DeGeare; although, they have had Weems practice at Guard to some extent.

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