DC: Mailbag: How Much Can Linehan Help Dez Bryant?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 1, 2014.

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    This is one big complaint I had against the play calling. I think they called enough WR screens but they often didn't go to Dez. I'd like to see them stack a side with Dez on the other then motion him to the backfield then motion him to the cleared out area. I think Dunbar needs these kinds of plays as well.
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    This is mostly a 3rd down issue. The difference in targets and yards was all about taking more risks, particularly on 3rd down.

    By Down
    Megatron got 30.8% of his team's 3rd-down targets, while Dez got only 25%. But look at the INT and the resulting pass ratings.

    3rd down passes
    to Johnson 24 of 49 403 yd 8.2 ypa 4 td 4 int 70.4
    to Bryant 16 of 34 207 yd 6.1 ypa 5 td 0 int 106.3

    3rd down passes to all other players
    Stafford 80 of 136 998 yd 7.3 ypa 7 td 4 int 86.6
    Romo 48 of 92 528 yd 5.7 ypa 3 td 4 int 62.2

    The Lions did a much better job of getting other players involved on 3rd down.

    On 1st and 2nd down, Dez had a greater percentage of his team's targets (28.2) than Megatron (26.6), also for a higher rating.

    By Distance of Throw
    Passes Thrown 20+ Yards
    as a percentage of receiver's total targets (NFL Rank)
    to Johnson 24.3% (4th)
    to Bryant 17.3% (18th)

    Pass rating on these throws
    to Johnson 10 of 36 371 yd 4 td 5 int 67.5
    to Bryant 6 of 27 243 yd 1 td 1 int 61.5

    On 20+ Yard Throws to all other players
    Stafford 13 of 41 357 4 td 2 int 77.0
    Romo 15 of 29 452 yd 7 td 0 int 136.9
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    But I thought Romo couldn't throw long well???? :) Take home lesson: Throw it to Dez.

    Of course he's not always open and sees a lot of double coverage.

    As an aside this is where Miles comes into play. If he's healthy then you can't double Witten, Dez and Miles. It's a big deal when the defense doesn't know where the ball is going.
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    We were 5th in the league in points scored, so I really don't see Linehan making that much more of a difference. That is why this move is so puzzling.

    I have never heard of a team that was top 5 in points scored fire their OC. The problem last year was not the offense, we had games where we scored in the 30s and 40s and still lost.

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