News: DC: Mailbag: Is Marvin Austin The Next No-Name Star On D-Line?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Oct 22, 2013.

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    NATE ROLLINS SUGAR LAND, TX Marvin Austin was supposed to be a top-10 talent two years ago, but he has been cut twice since then. What do the Cowboys see in this guy, and will he make an impact thi...

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    so was George Selvie but the guy is ballin' for us now....hopefully will be similar result with Marvin...
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    That is darn impressing. Marinelli is the best assistant coach we have had in years.
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    You have to sign hatch even though he is 31 he doesn't show signs of slowing down. In fact he shows signs of getting better and is worth the contract. You can't shy away because of what happened with rat. These guys look up to hatch and he embraces that role of a leader. We've been missing that for sometime now. Hatch should be a Cowboy till the end
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    He's saying all the right things. If Rod can bring out the best in Austin and Nevis, we'll have one hellova front 7 for years to come starting next year:

    Selvie (26 years old)
    Austin (24)
    Bass (24)
    Crawford (23)
    Hatcher (31)
    Hayden (27)
    Nevis (24)
    Ware (31)
    Wynn (27)
    Spencer (29)?
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    Hatcher's an old dude, but how much mileage does he really have on him?

    It's not like this dude's been banging in the trenches his whole career. He played sparingly his first 5 years.
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    We really have to be careful about giving Hatcher a long term contract.
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    Maybe they franchise Hatch but I really doubt he is signed to a big contract.
  9. waving monkey

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    The problem with Hatch is he'll get big offers that the Cowboys shouldn't match.I would love to keep Hatch just don't like to keep making the same mistake. I think Jerry will give him the contract, however.
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    There is just one problem. You have to resign most of these guys, and the better they play, the more offers they will have from other teams. Most of these guys, have just this year left on their contracts.
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    Did Austin play yesterday ? Dont recall seeing him in the rotation, or did he get injured early ! Anybody ?
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    Google is your friend.
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    Marinelli is by far the BEST coach the Boys have......he actually coaches up his players, what a novel idea. I like this no name bunch in that they just seem to play hard and fearless. Yeah, they get burned and gashed but they keep coming.

    As for Hatcher, I don't think he'll get offered a huge deal elsewhere because of his age--so Jerry will be able to keep him with a reasonable contract. He's probably more valuable to Dallas than to any other team and could be the vocal leader of the young bunch.

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