News: DC: McClain Ready For New Chance With Fewer Distractions

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    McClain Ready For New Chance With Fewer Distractions
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    [​IMG] Rowan Kavner Staff WriterFollow Rowan Kavner on Twitter


    OXNARD, Calif.
    – It’s not often a guy from Alabama gets a call from Turkey.

    That’s what happened when Rolando McClain[​IMG] heard from Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ owner/general manager, who was ready to take a chance on the former Alabama linebacker and top-10 talent whose off-field issues and decision to temporarily retire sidetracked his NFL career.

    “I think he convinced me I needed to play again,” McClain said. “He called me from Turkey and I figured that had to be an expensive phone call, so … it was pretty serious with me from that point.”

    It didn’t take much convincing. McClain retired because he felt his life wasn’t going down the right path and he wanted to be a better person and role model for his two boys. He needed to get settled personally, and once he was able to do that, only then did football became an option again.

    McClain asked his oldest son if he wanted him to get back to playing, and he got his son’s blessing. The 25-year-old No. 8 overall pick from 2010 likely still has the talent to do it. For Jones, the loss of Sean Lee[​IMG] immediately led to the search for an alternative, and McClain became a solution.

    That doesn’t mean McClain will file right in as the starter...

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