News: DC: NFC East: The Case For Taking A Chance On Will Hill

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    We'll the Brent we know after the incident we don't know yet. (that he's a good guy)
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    At some point Alcohol will be a greater crime than Mary Jane.
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    The Cowboys' safety position is one that is and has been filled with doubt far too long. They have high hopes for Wilcox but have little or nothing to base that faith upon. There's not much to lose by granting Hill the opportunity to turn things around in Dallas. He could more than likely be acquired for a mere pittance in terms of today's contracts. As desperate as our defensive backfield has been for years now, I would think acquiring Hill might be something they might at least seriously consider.
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    They both are immature, that is why I think Hill is worth bringing in for a look. The light is going to come on and he will be a good player when it does. I am not saying that they need to sign him to a big contract. I just think giving him a chance may pay off. If he screws up, cut him. It is as simple as that.
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    Why would we sign him when we have Matt Johnson?
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    Weed may not be the most serious problem for Hill. There was that $9,000 in back child support and this latest accusation. The man (boy) seems to be seriously lacking in character among other virtues. Common sense anyone?

    And on the subject of Brent. I have not seen any indication Jason is on his bandwagon.
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    No thanks, I know someone who went to hs with him, the guy can't get out of his own way.
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    Where do I sign! Would LOVE to bring this guy aboard. Dude can play. Have seen a lot if him living in NY. Would instantly be our best safety and the teams best safety in years.

    Low risk. Especially with Lee going down I don't care about this "well he might not be a great guy" we need a talent infusion.

    If he screws up, simple cut him like the Giants did.
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    Yes, it's probably good insurance for whatever team does sign him. They don't have to pay him or use a roster spot on him while he is suspended. Once the suspension is up, they have the option to activate him or cut him. It's not much different than the situation with Spencer. For a small cost they can keep Spencer on the PUP and if he get healthy they can activate him or they can cut him at any time.
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    Dog poop everywhere?

    So you're saying he's the type to invite over for family dinner?
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    Normally, I agree with that approach 100%. But considering that Matt Johnson is one hit away from sitting out another season on IR and Wilcox and Hamilton have very little experience and therefore are still experiments, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing the Cowboys take out on insurance policy, and Will Hill should be a relatively cheap contract. I think the Cowboys could easily offer him the new envogue 1 year show-me-you-can-play-in-the-NFL contract, with a 2 year extension option, with the first year probably taking less than a million in cap space. Obviously, the contract should also have provisions about him being tested monthly for drug use, but all things considered, I think he would agree to it. The best part is, to me, that he has to sit the first 6 weeks out. By that point, the Cowboys will have had some injuries at the position, and they will have had an opportunity to look at all of the Safeties on the roster, so I don't see him being that big of a progress-stopper.
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    If he could stop being a moron...
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