DC: Point: Can’t Ignore Needs Throughout Draft Process

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Point: Can’t Ignore Needs Throughout Draft Process
    Posted 1 hour ago

    [​IMG]Rowan KavnerDallas Cowboys.com Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – Let’s be sensible when it comes to the draft.

    The Cowboys could use help and upgrades at numerous positions throughout the roster, so why spend early picks on positions that can’t help quickly?

    This doesn’t mean if the Cowboys’ scouts, who’ve been working tirelessly to put a board together since the last draft, should pass on a player they graded far and beyond other the available picks. But the Cowboys would benefit by eliminating a few needless positions and focusing more on a select group of positions, which would still give Dallas enough options to find a first-round star.

    Another tight end wouldn’t do much for the Cowboys. The center position is locked up. But there are a handful of positions that would make sense for Dallas in the first round, and certain needs should at least be considered throughout the draft process.

    The Cowboys moved back and took Travis Frederick at the end of the first round last year knowing they wanted their highest graded offensive lineman. That move paid off.

    I don’t even think they need to limit themselves that much. For some teams, drafting entirely for need means singling out one specific position. That’s not what I’m advocating, though if a defensive lineman is graded as high as another position that would be the right route to go.

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    I completely agree even to the point why I have no godly idea why mocks have us taking a OLB or a safety. I love Clinton Dix but the d line needs fixing. I can stand Wilcox health and Carter but I can not go for Selvie/ rotating player from off the street/3+ year cowboy vet player that steps up in contract year/Ware in our front 4 another season.
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    There is no position on the defense that couldn't stand a draftee to compete.
  4. Carolina Cowboy

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    And that's the damnable misery of it.
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  5. Alexander

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    The whole issue is that OLB and S need fixing as well. Why would you take a lesser football player on the DL just to cross it off your list?
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    Sadly this is 100% correct
  7. Hoofbite

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    When you're picking middle of the round and your team has as many holes as Dallas does, BPA should fill a need just based on the odds alone.
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    I don't know how they feel about Carter or any of the backups at LB. Nor do I know how good Church is or what role they want him to play. There is no way for us to know the mental makeup of Heath and/or Wilcox.
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    We did it in 2013.... Now if there is a 19th ranked overall DT or DE at 16 and a 15th ranked overall OLB. Then yes go with the OLB since he is best available. But a safety ain't gonna help get pressure on the QB.
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    no offense but when a dude has jj wilcox as his signature and starts telling me the team doesnt need safety I write that off as extreme bias.

    no single position player would have helped dallas more last year then a quality free safety.
    the CB's we have are not cover 2 CBs and need to be playing man with a single high safety.

    the DL absolutely must be addressed.
    and it will. but we've got all of free agency and 11 draft picks.
    we dont need 4 safeties we need one really good one.
    we do need a lot of DL, probably 4.
    those DL do not need to be stars just legit NFL players.

    that's why i'd ideally get my safety in round 1 or 2.
    and i'd get a handful of DL including a couple from free agency and a couple from the draft.
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    There are so many variables in each and every draft. Based on how other teams decide to make their picks, most teams would do well to tend to select the overall BPA at their most pressing areas of need. In our case, if that happens to mean bypassing a DT or DE to take a FS, OL or OLB that is substantially higher on our draft board, then so be it. Drafting primarily for need despite ignoring substantially superior talent at a less needy position is the surest way to end up with inferior overall talent both immediately and in the longrun as well.
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    I agree. There has to be a balance of BPA and need. I mean you don't ignore needs but you also don't pick a guy at 17 that you have rated as the 35th best player but he is the highest rated left at that position of need. But if you have a guy on the board when you are picking at 16 or 17 that fills a need like DT but is your 22nd rated player but your 15th rated player is available but is a TE you TAKE THE DT!
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  13. NJ22

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    The "we are only a position or 3 away" thinking is why we have no depth when we need it and why we have to over pay guys on their 2nd contracts because we never developed a replacement.
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  14. Hardline

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    You want to kill two birds with one stone? Improve that front 7 and the safety position improves by default. You work from the trenches back.
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    There can be a jewel at any spot. The reason you go for a position is to avoid a swing and a miss then have still a weakness. I believe if you look at other teams that are successful they go for the position with more than a one shot (except Seattle). The Cowboys have been weak in the trenches for a while and need to dedicate a draft or that will still be a weakness no mater how good other positions get. In my opinion the only reason you go for the best player available is that all of you positions are already solid. Otherwise, go for the team needs or stay 8-8!
  16. dcstands4

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    We are close to cap hell were not getting a couple of dlinemen there if we got one in fa it will be news. We did play single high but yes or corners played zone more than man.

    A safety is not going to help get pressure on the QB. A safety isn't going to (or should be) making backfield tackles. That's why we need d line help. Like I said I love Clinton Dix but he can't singled handedly make this team better.

    As for the sig is for a write up where I'm keying on Dallas' young players. Don't hold as a Cameron Lawrence fan when he is my sig In 2 week's.
  17. jterrell

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    Ha Ha Dix does single-handedly make this team better.
    So would any legit NFL caliber safety.

    JJ Wilcox was not a legit NFL caliber safety because he had far too many busted plays and bad angles.
    Heath simply wasn't an NFL caliber safety and may never be.
    He lacks basic football skills.

    By the same token if we draft a significant upgrade at one of the DL positions that ALSO makes us significantly better.

    Not sure why people are so obviously clueless but you are only as good as your weakest link as a defense.
    No team that trots out terrible safeties is anything but terrible.
    It isn't complicated AT ALL.
    Any position player that plays 85% of the snaps on defense is VERY important.
  18. ShiningStar

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    short of Dez, Bailey, Tyron, Fred, and Dwayne Harris (returns), any player would be a great addition to the team.
  19. cowboys1981

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    We have too many holes and the BPA will suit us well.

    Break down on positions:

    Romo just had surgery and who knows what the next hit will do.

    Outside of the '13 season we haven't had a durable back. Murray is in his last year of his contract as well.

    Our best receiver who creates the most separation on a consistent basis is Witten. I love Dez, but can't trust him fully on those slant routes. Williams doesn't have the hands to be counted on with short routes. Our most skilled player with running routes and good hands has bad hammies.

    Smith and Frederick are anchors, but we can't expect Leary to make it another full season with his knee and Free is still unpredictable. We also need to look at the RG spot as well

    Enough said

    Lee can't be counted on, Holloman has flashes of potential. Carter declined and we had no depth for the majority of the season.

    On top of inconsistent play Mo had injury problems this year and we had to depend on Webb more times than we should've. Church lacks cover skills and Wilcox plays a similar style to Church but is a slight upgrade in coverage. I won't even count on Johnson and Heath is best suited for ST's at this point.
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    I guess you're still hanging hope on Johnson filling the safety position.
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