News: DC: Scout’s Eye: O-Line Made Big Strides In First Game With NYG

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    Some observations from the film room of the Dallas Cowboys victory over the New York Giants:

    If there were questions about the defensive line and how they would play, there were just as many for the offensive line. Even up to the final week of training camp, Jason Garrett and this staff really were not sure who their best five were going into the Giants game. Of the group that started of Tyron Smith[​IMG], Ronald Leary[​IMG], Travis Frederick[​IMG], Mackenzy Bernadeau[​IMG] and Doug Free[​IMG], I was convinced this was their best five and last night for a large part of the game, I thought they outplayed the Giants defensive line. By no means were they perfect but against a front that had a mix of pass rushers and powerful inside run players, they were able to hold their own.

    I liked what I was able to see from Leary and Frederick, both who were making their first starts in the league. These young players were able to work together and at times picked each other up when there was a break down or two. There were plays that Frederick was struggling to maintain his sustain and just when he was on the verge of losing contact, Leary was there for him. There were points in the game where Frederick was able to return the favor.
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    Sorry, I did not see the game from Bernardeau that Broaddus would still try to have me believe.

    I saw a clear weak link that hopefully will not be there next week.

    Or the rest of the season.
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    PFF didn't see the same game either. They had Bern rated as the worse offensive lineman by far.
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    It's not even worth talking about guys.

    Brian Waters will be starting soon.
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    what are the grades?
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    That makes one of us.
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    I'm going to start a thread in the next day or so and will post the grades... It will give us something new to talk about.
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    Don't know why he continues to try to sell Berny.

    Maybe Berny is his illegitimate son.
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    Hooray! I love new things to talk about.
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    Yep, I started a thread last night saying to Broaddus that Berny sucked. How dd I know that he would somehow try to defend him? He is quickly becoming as big a shill as Mickey, except he's worse because he has a football background.
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    As soon as I saw the praise for bernadeau I knew braoddus had written the piece...
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    I'd like to see the PFF grades?
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    He had plenty of good moments. Also plentry of bad ones. Looking forward to seeing Waters in there.
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    MW said he's going to post them.

    I have an account and I have to admit, I'll need a second look to compare to what they have.

    Couple other things.

    They do have Esco down for 23 plays and I think Adam said that he was in on 20.

    Morris was not treated kindly by their count. 6/9 for 139.

    Allen was 3/4 for 101 yards and 2 TDs, 1 INT and 4 PDs.

    Allen has a better coverage rating which says that TDs are lightly weighted or PDs and INTs are heavily weighted.

    OT but they have Cutler and Palmer as having better grades than Peyton. I'm not sure how the hell that works. What might be the best game by any QB ever and he's not even graded the highest for that week.
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    Weak Link = Berny, no doubt about it...looking forward to Waters being in there to solidify things
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    Broaddus's love for Mac is comical.
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    Broaddus trapped himself claiming Waters was not coming and that Bernie would be OK. Now he is defending that like Travis at the Alamo.
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    If this is the best defense of a player you can give, it's probably best you just leave the line of out an article altogether.
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    I read some posts here about how Broaddus is still crushing on Berny. Some quotes from the article:

    Maybe I have been married too long to know how to pick-up a gal, but saying "you're not as ugly as I initially thought you were and since the old broad isn't here tonight I think you'll do" doesn't really scream long term commitment.
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