News: DC: Scout's Notebook: Wrapping Up Week Two Of OTAs

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    IRVING, Texas – Members of the media aren’t allowed back into Organized Team Activities until next week, but I’ve been asking around the facility here at Valley Ranch. Here are some Thursday thoughts from the Cowboys’ final OTA of this second week of practice.

    • I’ve been hearing that Bruce Carter has been doing a much better job of playing in coverage. I was told that he is playing with more confidence and looks comfortable. In Thursday practice, while in a red zone period, he knocked the ball away from Lance Dunbar on an underneath route and had an interception against Brandon Weeden during 7-on-7 when he played in front of Jason Witten along the goal line, stepping outside to make the play.

    • In going back through my notes from Monday’s practice, I told you about how these guards like Mackenzy Bernadeau, Tyronne Green and Brian Clarke have all taken snaps at center, as well. I would not be one bit surprised, with how quickly Zack Martin is picking up things at right guard, that he might also try a little position flex and take a rep or two. I really do like what Bill Callahan and Frank Pollack do in practice, having these players work all along the line at different spots. This is the time of year that you can see how those combinations work without getting ready for a game.

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    More OTA tidbits..
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    Encouraging to hear Carter is looking confident and even making plays in coverage. I thought it was interesting that Broadus brought up Parnell's conditioning (at least that is what I took from the quote):
    "Parnell has done a much better job of getting himself ready to play where as in 2013, I didn’t feel like that was the case." Was that the underlying reason why there seemed to be so little competition with Free last off season? Would be unfortunate for him to squander that opportunity when it's within his personal control, etc. Broadus could also be hinting at his assignments seeing as that is all they are really doing in practice @ the moment?
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    I don't know if I'm encouraged by Carter , or worried about Weeden being picked off by Carter..he is our potential starting QB...
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    Broaddus is referring to training camp and the early part of last season. Broaddus is not a guy that uses logic well. Parnell was injured in the 2013 preseason. He only played 1 preseason game and was visibly limping in that game. It was several weeks into the season before he was completely healthy according to local reports.
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    Love OTA tidbits, although drinking the kool-aid can be bad for my health.
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    I mentioned this in another thread. Bruce is going to have a good year this year. His reads in the passing and running game are simplified, which will allow his outstanding athletic abilities to take over. I can't wait to watch him light it up this season.
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    for some reason i read "More OTA idiots.."

    carry on.
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    While it's interesting to take note of the indications of player progress may be in the OTAs, it's extremely difficult, if not imposible, to get a clear picture of how the players are actually doing until the pads come on. I'll continue to read the goings-on regarding the OTAs but can't say as I'm prone to putting too much stock in what's happening 'til the pads come on and the hitting takes place. I can't wait for training camp to begin so we can actually get an idea what's what and who's who. 'Til then, it's merely killing time. Granted, it's interesting but nothing to really get excited about. Football just isn't really football without the pads popping. When that condition enters the picture, you're far more likely to get an idea how to evaluate what you've got and who is getting it done.
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    Yes you are correct :D You know how it is, drink the kool-aid until proven otherwise;) For fanatics like me (even a skeptic) I like this information but admittedly the bolded above has a lot to do with it.
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    There's a lot of sugar in the early season koolaid.
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    hard to judge about vets really. no pads, most info coming from the staff. the rookies are a bit different. although most info coming from staff it's more about them being in the right place and their reads. can't wait till camo so we can really see what we have
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    If Weeden is starting for us at any point it won't matter.
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    I don't use logic well? He never got himself ready to play. Those coaches gave him a shot at the job and he folded. Not my words but the coaching staffs. Even when he was healthy he played like crap. Don't try and give these players excuses for not playing well or taking advantage of opportunity.
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    Thanks for posting. I haven't seen you post in a long time.

    He played 1 preseason game against the Bengals and was visibly limping between plays, yet he dominated the Bengals 2nd round DE (Margus Hunt). He also dominated All-Pro Geno Atkins on at least one play. Other than the injury, he didn't appear to be fat and out of shape. He didn't have the Doug Free Beer-Belly.

    His injury was at the beginning of training camp. How was he going to get ready to play while injured? I'm going to guess that he was not healthy until a few weeks into the season.

    In regards to the logic comment, no offense intended. We year-around fans cling to any shred of information that we can get. You're the only guy in DFW with the football background to be able to analyze the issues that are going on with the team. Your 1000x better than somebody like Calvin Watkins or any of those guys; however, your comments are often easy to misconstrue without the surrounding facts. IMO, it is misleading to report that Parnell not ready to play when he had the opportunity to challenge Free last summer without reporting that he was injured for all of training camp.

    There are only 4 reporters in DFW that have good information, IMO:
    You (Broaddus)
    Bob Sturm (I know he gets a lot of info from you. He is Mr. Logical).
    Mike Fisher (just the facts)
    Jeff Cavanaugh (Your Protege. It's great that he watches film with you).

    I'll admit that I'm looking for someone to challenge Doug Free. Either my pet cat Parnell or your pet cat Weems. Callahan and Pollack did an excellent job last season of coaching up Free and scheming to make him better; however, he is just not that good, IMO. He is not a powerful blocker. He lacks upper body power for some reason. One thing they did often last season was to have Bernadeau help block Free and then bounce back inside to get his own guy. That allowed Free to be a wall-off blocker which is something he can do. When they ran the same play to the left, Tyron didn't need help.

    I've seen Parnell drive people off the line and often put them on the ground which is something that rarely ever happens with Free.

    I liked what I saw of Weems in the 2013 preseason. He looks like he has NFL level physical ability but was a bit raw in technique/awareness. He reminded me of the Leary from the 2012 preseason. With both you could see the physical ability but they just needed more development from a skill perspective. You've said that Weems needs to get stronger, but he already appears to be as strong as Doug Free, but obviously I've only seem Weems in limited snaps against 2nd/3rd stingers.
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    Weeden will start multiple games this year...
  17. Toruk_Makto

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    Amazing you can predict injuries.

    What are the lotto numbers this week?
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    Fwiw, If anyone hits the link and wants to see a Matt Johnson interview, it's on the side column.
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    LOL, you don't have to be that smart to predict injuries with our team. Tony is coming off a two back surgery season. He's 34...He's not going to play 16 games. It's common sense, not predictions....
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    There is nothing common sense about it actually
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