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    by Jeff Sullivan

    Although the Cowboys and Packers were fierce rivals throughout the 1960s, head coaches Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi remained respected friends.
    by Jeff Sullivan

    Ask the majority of media and fans who the fiercest rival of the Dallas Cowboys was over the first five decades of the franchise's history and the answers will likely vary. Some will say the Washington Redskins, and they may have a point, others the New York Giants, perhaps a sprinkling of Philadelphia Eagles, which has only really been more recently, and even the San Francisco 49ers would have a presence despite not being a divisional foe.

    However, take a poll of those who wore the uniform back in the 1960s, and make no mistake, the answer would be almost universal:

    The Green Bay Packers.

    "That was who we measured ourselves against, that's who we wanted to beat more than any other team, and it wasn't even close," Cowboys Hall of Famer Bob Lilly says. "To accomplish our goals, which was to win championships, we needed to go through the Packers. We knew that."

    There was an added dimension to the rivalry, too, that being the head coaches, Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry. The two served as coordinators under Jim Lee Howell with the Giants from 1954-58, with Landry staying on another season before landing his gig with the Cowboys. Landry ran the defense, his innovative 4-3 Flex, and Lombardi the offense, anchored by the vaunted Power Sweep. The two were close friends for those five years and remained friendly despite their eventual rivalry.

    Actually, in retrospect, perhaps there never was a rivalry, as Lombardi defeated Landry each of the five times the two met as head coaches, including in back-to-back NFL Championship Games, both of which the Cowboys could've won if not for a single play in each...

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