News: DC Star: Catching Up with Tony Liscio

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    By Jeff Sullivan

    Even though you were drafted by Green Bay in 1963, and put at defensive end, that changed after arriving in Dallas just a few months later. Why?

    "I walked into the first meeting, and they handed me an offensive playbook and said, 'You're an offensive tackle.' They knew more about me than Green Bay did when I came out of college. They knew I'd be a better offensive lineman."

    After learning the offense, you became the starting left tackle late in your rookie season and played there in 1964 before a one-year layoff. What happened?

    "I went in for surgery in December of 1964, and when I woke up I had a 105 fever, and they found out later that I had hepatitis. And three weeks later when they opened up my cast, they found out my leg was all infected with staph infection. So that whole 1965 season, my knee froze like it was in the cast. They had to literally bend my knee every day in the training room.

    "By the time the summer rolled around, I was going on my third operation, and they found infected stitches in there. They took out all the ones they could find, and I tried to practice, but it wasn't a good thing to be running around with a staph infection.

    "Then in '66, they got my leg where it would bend 90 degrees, which was all I really needed to run, I guess, and I came back just hoping that I could play, just hoping I could be a backup. Well, Coach Landry put me at first-team left guard, a position I had never played before, where you had to pull out and run twice as much. And back then we pulled a lot. He put me in there, and put Dan Reeves at halfback, and we were both about the same speed, so it worked out pretty good. [Laugh.]"

    Back starting at left tackle in 1967, how did you feel when you were traded to San Diego for wide receiver Lance Alworth in 1971?....

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