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    Sorely missed when he was out of the lineup, Marc Colombo knew what he had to do to get healthy, having fought back from injuries before.
    by Josh Ellis

    Mr. Marc Colombo is a pretty imposing fella. Just ask the woefully misguided idiot who decided to hurl insults at the big guy who was "down in front" during the Manny Pacquiao boxing match at Cowboys Stadium this past March.

    After perhaps a cocktail or seven, Woefully Misguided Idiot decided he would test the patience of Mr. Colombo, a Pacquiao fan who, like thousands of others in attendance, stood when the fighter began landing a stirring combination against Joshua Clottey. At 6-8 and 320 pounds, Colombo can be difficult to see around, sure, and he might otherwise have sat down politely if not for WMI starting to say some pretty nasty things - quite nasty, in fact, and right in front of a hundred other fight fans, including Colombo's wife.

    When you're that large and tough as nails, you need not sweat these things, and Colombo did not. He simply remained in his seat for another two rounds until the final bell was rung and the fight had ended, and calmly approached WMI, finally settling about three inches in front of him and looking down maybe a foot into his eyes. Colombo made his point, and WMI calmed down. Quickly. Next thing you know, he was asking for a picture with Colombo, who he came to find out played offensive line for the Cowboys.

    Lesser giants might have lost their cool, but Colombo did not. He simply ended the situation without any real incident. This is what the Dallas Cowboys needed on their offensive line at the beginning of the season - a big, imposing, confident, smart guy to play right tackle, an anchor. And luckily for them, after missing over a month following surgery, Colombo came back to save the day.....
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    One of my favorite things is to get stupid drunk, find the biggest guy I can and insult him, because I know I am bullet proof. It hasn't worked out to well, as of yet, but one of these days I will walk out on my own two feet.
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    What would be some of your least favorite things to do, praytell???

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