News: DC: Sullivan: Just Playing Football Again All Spencer Wants

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    The author of America’s Team: The Official History of the Dallas Cowboys, Sullivan also writes a new column in each issue of Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine. For subscription information, please cli...

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    Sullivan: Just Playing Football Again All Spencer Wants
    Posted 11 hours ago

    By Jeff Sullivan


    Oxnard, Calif. – There was The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Games of Thrones, and his favorite of the bunch, Breaking Bad.

    For four months, Anthony Spencer[​IMG] laid on a couch and binge-watched television shows with his pregnant wife. One after another. There were other activities he would have preferred to be doing, playing football comes to mind, but Spencer couldn’t walk. Literally could not walk. One of the premier outside linebackers in the NFL from 2009-12, arguably the Cowboys’ defensive MVP two seasons ago, he could do nothing more than watch the tube following microfracture surgery on his left knee last October.

    “My wife was taking care of me when it should have been me taking care of her,” Spencer said. “At least I got to go through that process with her. That part, though, not being able to do anything but lie there, that sucked. I guess it’s part of playing the game, though. Part of life.”

    There were times when he felt sorry for himself. Times when he was almost certain his football career was finished. Some within the organization were starting to think that also, as several of the initial reports following surgery were anything but glowing. Not that it wasn’t a successful surgery; it’s just complicated. This isn’t a torn ACL, where the overwhelming majority of surgeries are identical and the recovery is textbook formatted.

    “Yeah, especially earlier in the (process), after the surgery, when I couldn’t walk or do anything,” Spencer said. “At that point, it’s hard not to think about your career being finished, never playing football again. That’s pretty tough.”...

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