News: DC: Three CBs Among Group Of Six Players Working Out Tuesday

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Sep 17, 2013.

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    IRVING, Texas - The Cowboys players have the day off on Tuesday but it’s always been a good day for the staff to evaluate free agents who could potentially help the club at the bottom of the roster.

    The Cowboys looked at Ryan Steed, Junior Mertile and Peyton Thompson in the workout. All three were in training camps this summer and released near the end of August.

    The club also worked out defensive tackle David Carter and wide receivers Jamar Newsome and Dwight Jones.

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  2. tomsanders921

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    It's nice to know we decided to keep only 4 corners on the roster but cut sterling moore while we were at it.

    Did someone pick him up? I assume so or we wouldn't be bringing in these scrub corners for a workout.

    In today's nfl, it is amazing we decided to only keep 4 corners. It's a passing league and we have 3 healthy corners right now. Awesome
  3. Zimmy Lives

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    At this point I'm all for finding the biggest nastiest corners available and seeing if they can play this scheme.
  4. StarBoyz83

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    I wish we still had newman!
  5. Derinyar

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    Is it possible that Sterling Moore is just another scrub corner? Doing a quick net search it appears that Moore is still on the street.
  6. Staubacher

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    Wonder why we are working out WRs? We have 4 good ones active, Beasley inactive and Benford on PS.

    Somebody hurt or ready to get the boot? I wonder if Beasley wants to quit again since he isn't gonna play? Not being sarcastic really wondering why try out WRs?
  7. nake

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    On another thread, Danny Coale released today.
  8. Staubacher

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    Wow thanks.
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    Sterling Moore was garbage in the preseason. We need to another CB in light of Claiborne's fragility though.
  10. CATCH17

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    Sterling Moore must have got in trouble with substances or something.

    I don't care if he was "garbage" in the preseason. I didn't see him as garbage. Especially early on.

    Also I didn't need the Pre-season to tell me that Sterling Moore is a solid player.
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  11. iceberg

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    what did you need then? we cut him, have not brought him back, and no one else seems interested in him. 2 years, 2 INT's, and sitting at home looking at a silent phone.
  12. BAT

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    Micah Pellerin outplayed him.
  13. CATCH17

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    Pellerin sucked.

    All he did was try to play through injuries.

    I don't know how anyone could watch Pellerin and Moore and say Pellerin looked better in the preseason.
  14. jterrell

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    Moore is far more likely to have had knee issues than drug ones.

    He had a surgery on the knee in Feb.
    May not have been fully right yet.

    As to the rest, let the team evaluate and sign folks, no one here has near the data nor expertise they do.
  15. ninja

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    Pellerin had a bad the first preseason game but looked better each game after that. There might be something there. It is worth a look on the practice squad. I'm guessing Moore didn't look too good in practice so they released him. No one is calling Moore so that is very telling. Especially with the Eagles and Steelers banged up at CB and probably a few more teams.
  16. iceman117

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    Danny Coale is gone
  17. sadams

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    Small extremely quick great route runner. Hands like glue. Ability to find holes and defenses always lose track of him because of his size and speed. Sounds like we need some Beasley.

    He is always open and always catches the ball. Put him in the Damn Game!
  18. BAT

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    We are talking about 2 guys on no ones active roster. That said Pellerin outplayed Moore in preseason + TC - that is not even debatable, Pellerin was at least showing improvement and upside ESP for this D scheme.
  19. JayBout2

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    Pro Football Focus graded the pre season performances of 125 or so DBs cut by August 31, 2013 grading Pellerin's preseason production, (2.9) fourth best of the DBs cut. ( By comparison, Sterling Moore graded 0.1; Xavier Brewer, 1.1; Jakar Hamilton, -0.3. PFF grades aside, Pellerin's game film confirms he outplayed Moore and each of the other cornerbacks for that matter viewing for that fourth DB spot. One of the Dallas Cowboy writers' said "[w]hether it has been the one-on-ones with the receivers or in team period, Pellerin tends to flash the ability to carry it over into the games. He plays with a physical nature and I like how he moves in the routes and how he maintains positioning in them. Pellerin is fiercely competitive and when he is beaten, he will usually bounce back with the solid rep. . . there is a skill and nastiness with Pellerin's [game.]" Webb is on the 53 man roster, in spite of a dismal performance in TC and preseason games, solely because he was drafted. Pellerin is on the PS because he demonstrated an "upside" in his ability to be effective in Kiffen's system.

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