DC: Wade phillips press conf on day 2

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Coach looks great...weight loss was a good thing for him. I bet he feels great too...probably doesn't hurt as much getting out of the bed in the morning!
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    we needed to start hitting, which we did, some younger players and rookies were pretty good, but i cant predict who will be good later.

    everyone saw dez made an outstanding play and other, butler looked real good, you dont see lee but he does good. TE phillips looked good, and is stronger.

    Marion and felix look really good, with acceletration. Again, we cant go on one practice (so keep focused fan and dont get to hyped up yet), we got to see some of our offensive linemen play and can evalute them better now.

    Leonard Davis was really dominate today,

    Marion looked good last year, but i think he looks quicker, good for him and us.

    keith brooking will practice once a day, like brandon williams, we want to keep injured players fresh.

    brandon sharpe made a real nice play on first play of day

    josh brent broke his finger and be out this afternoon, put a cast and he will come back.

    depends on where our trainer thinks they are on players like keith, and brandon, so be safe brining them back from injury.

    one was offense, then defense then offense, and we replaced guys that made mistakes, so you have to get rid of errors.

    our rush is pretty equal overall, and see what everybody can do,

    gordon came in 7 poundss under, jamar was lighter, we asked some guys to pull alittle more weight, defensively we try to give guys equal reps as we can

    we have 3 groups, work our 3rd group against first team offense, get alook at everybody, etc...

    ;uh sean lee is going to be fine as far as learning, but has to get how to do it, like he shoulld have lined up deeper on detailed stuff, but he also made a play that nobody makes, they ran a play one way and cut back other way, he filled over top filled that, and then made play on other side, he has instincts and overcome some by ability like

    ive been for it for along time, some of those guys should have got combat pay, didnt hear what wade is talking about, offensive too, get them out of the way will help the whole game, see on both sides, talking about refs i think that were lined up in front of offense, which now they are lined up behind qb

    if you remember in a big game steelers cowboys, they used a pick on us, and charley waters couldnt get there to make tackle due to ref there

    spotting the ball, in hurry up, they thought they could do it so we will see how it works out,

    jenkins lost couple of pounds too and his confidence, first you have to have ability, and be able to play, some guys never get to that level, he had to learn pro football for awhile and got better and better, he has worked at it the whole time, some guys are coachable than others, but jenkins listens, but some guys get to a level and quit listening

    we coach every player within the scheme, some players we say you do this, but not this, but some players we give more leadway, we tell ratliff to play it one way, but junior another way, players are different people so you use their style that they can play,

    jenkins has got long arms and quickness with speed

    uh, well, we had confidence in him all the time, but what he made 2 70 yard runs in last of the season, felix, i still dont know if he is a 30 carry guy, but he can go the distance, not many people can make, we want to get him the football, some of check down stuff is going to be important for marion nad felix, felix is heavier than barber now; just way it worked out, felix just has matured, gotten stronger and bigger, while barber wanted to get quicker,

    i dont think he will lead the league in carries, but i dont think he needs too,

    he is 254, in spring, but been up as high as 260, didnt hear what player, sharpe our new player

    i have seen players change, they get the big head, reporter asked about miles, miles you never know, but his attitude has been the same, hurd would been same guy too, but some guys change, their is a video on dc.com with miles saying he isnt a star, something like that,

    barber is 214 i think, with wildcat, i think still be used, and choice had 66 yard run not every play like that, but looking at it defensively opposing team has to get prepared for it, real thing that is going on, lot more unbalanced line, more than we have seen, so unbalanced line is more a trend now than wildcat

    were running it some too, teams are running more unbalnaced line than wildcat, forces teams to prepare for it with a new change up

    he is 319. best he has been, quick feet, with pads on, didnt hear who,

    i always tell them i want them to run as fast as they can, like bruce smith was 275 once,
    which usually helps your quickness, i like them quick and fast

    thats it as far as recap, missed alittle
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    Note, like nate said, and others, sometimes wade covers up for his players, or gives you the obvious, like wade said brewster had a good day, but read what a reporter said about brewster below;

    After three practices, right tackle Robert Brewster seems to be off to a slow start. Outside linebackers Anthony Spencer and Curtis Johnson each blew past Brewster during 11-on-11 drills. Johnson got a sack. Brewster has looked a little slugglish at times. Brewster also had a false start. On two defensive snaps, nose tackle Sean Lissemore was late getting off the ball, allowing the center to push him away from the line of scrimmage.
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    I will trust the coach over a reporter any day of the week.

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