Audio: DC: Wade press conf wednesday with audio file live now 4:22

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 22, 2010.

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    i missed first 3 to 4 minutes

    iits on the players, we did more practice plays together than before

    wind was blowing today too, but he needs to do all he can,

    ansah is improving as our returner, we had some drops today too

    dont want to go field goals only,

    nah, he kicked it 7 yards deep and some they brought it out

    weve got 2 guys working with him, my job is to encourage him, see where he is and what kind of confidence he needs, somebody needs to talk to him, he is a football player, not a regular kicker

    you evalute them on whole, not one game

    this was practice, he kicked in practice and made them all, even in pregame, weve just got to keep working at it

    anytime u lose and now 2 games, its going to be like people say doom and gloom, our team has just as high expectations as everybody else does

    he practiced but not whole practice, he had slight cartilage rib injury, didnt hear who

    hope they accomplish alot, i feel they talked about same things in their private meeting, more focus in practice, only way is to work at it, practice isnt cure all for playing better, i thought we practiced well, but helps when you practice well

    i think its just urgency to know what to do, and make plays in practice, those kind of things

    uh, lot of people double cover him which you cant do all the time, he gets alot of roll up coverages, he is gong to make plays, i think wade is talking about texans big wr,

    i dont agree with that,

    sure, he talks jerry talks to me, we uh, in fact i said, i thought was good because we had a new stadiium, i thought would be good to practice at new stadium

    uh, i dont look at that and agree with that, i dont count interim games anyway

    uhm were getting good pressure, and started game off really well, and when we blitzed them, and ware beat the guy like 2 times, but you all dont see that, i think we will be fine, but it caused me not to call that blitz, one he ran down to 3 yrd line was a blitz too,

    nah i dont know on offense, its a new team every year, i think miles is leading league and romo might be leading in passing a game, but we struggled in a way we havent scored enough, i think passing game gives u more points then if u just run all the time, but thats doesnt mean we dont need a better running game to balance

    i thought first game we ran well, reason last game whenwe ran, they had everybody up there, we didnt make the big plays they made on offense

    hank stram looks like their going to run to right jack, whoops halfback pass, jack, laughter

    i think its whats there and who is there on our side and their side

    better than u thought, u in general

    like speculation we dont have a LOT, but we do have one in free
    he looks explosive and weve got to get him in plays where he is explosive, mybe runs we ran we should have thrown, whatever they give u, you have to take, like first game they ran, but last game they threw the houston texans

    they have played 2 real qbs and beat a team that beat us,

    we wil see thats why we play, we have a gameplan, will see what happens
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    I believe it was Dez Bryant...

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