News: DC: Ware Plans On Elbow Scope; Says Injuries Took Toll

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    IRVING, Texas – From offseason surgery on his shoulder last year to offseason elbow surgery upcoming this year, DeMarcus Ware’s injuries continue to pile up. Ware said he believes he’ll get his e...

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    I can't help but think Ware's age and the wear and tear from his many previous injuries have rendered him yet another one of our injury-prone players. I'd hate to see him let go but he should realize by now that he has been seriously overcompensated for the past two or three years now. He shouldn't be adverse to being paid less next season in consideration of that fact.

    Sadly, I'm afraid he's determined to insist upon continuing that pattern and force our hand in releasing him. It's time for this team to resolve its cap woes and look to the future. If that boils down to parting ways with DeMarcus, then so be it. Hanging on indefinitely to over-the-hill vets must come to a halt at some point -- better late than never.
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