DCFanatic First Round Mock Draft - V 1.0

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dcfanatic, Apr 15, 2009.

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    Here's my first effort...

    1. Lions - QB - Matthew Stafford - Georgia
    They need a franchise QB and he's the best in the draft.

    2. Rams - OT - Jason Smith - Baylor
    Orlando Pace is gone and Left Tackles don't grow on trees.

    3. Chiefs - LB - Aaron Curry - Purdue
    Pioli needs LB's for the new defense.

    4. Seahawks - OT - Eugene Monroe - Virginia
    How old do you think Walter Jones is these days?

    5. Browns - WR - Michael Crabtree - Texas Tech
    Edwards just isn't the plans for Mangini, but Crabtree is.

    6. Bengals - DE - Brian Orakpo - Texas
    The Bengals will leave him at DE which is a good thing.

    7. Raiders - WR - Jeremy Maclin - Missouri
    This would be a great pick if Jamarcus Russell didn't stink.

    8. Jaguars - DT - BJ Raji - Boston College
    Their defense needs another solid DT.

    9. Packers - OLB - Aaron Maybin - Penn State
    A good 34 defense has to have solid edge pass rushers.

    10. 49ers - QB - Mark Sanchez - USC
    Sanchez won't play right way, but he could see action in 2009.

    11. Buffalo - DE - Robert Ayers - Tennessee
    That defense could not get after the QB so Ayers is the pick.

    12. Broncos - OLB - Everette Brown - Florida State
    Brown helps the Broncos build their new 34 defense.

    13. Redskins - LB - Rey Maualuga - USC
    He's going to play MLB for them for a long time.

    14. Saints - LB - Clay Matthews - USC
    This team is always looking for an upgrade at LB for some reason.

    15. Texans - CB - Alphonso Smith - Wake Forest
    So Mario Williams has more time to go after the CB.

    16. Chargers - DE - Tyson Jackson - LSU
    Jackson fits nicely into their 34 defense as a rotational player.

    17. Jets - QB - Josh Freeman - Kansas State
    They do need a QB so maybe they take Freeman.

    18. Broncos - OT - Andre Smith - Alabama
    He steps in at RT for the Broncos.

    19. Buccaneers - DT - Peria Jerry - Ole Miss
    The Bucs hope he's the new Warren Sapp.

    20. Lions - OT - Michael Oher - Ole Miss
    The Lions need a Tackle to protect Stafford.

    21. Eagles - RB - Beanie Wells - Ohio State
    Haven't the Eagles needed Beanie Wells for like 10 years now?

    22. Vikings - WR - Darrius Heyward-Bey - Maryland
    They wanted Who's ya Momma, they get Heyward-Bay.

    23. Patriots - CB Darius Butler - Connecticut
    The Pats really really really like Butler.

    24. Falcons - LB - Brian Cushing - USC
    He's a the starting MLB by the end of the season.

    25. Dolphins - CB - Malcolm Jenkins - Ohio State
    Jenkins falls all the way to the Dolphins.

    26. Ravens - WR - Hakeem Nicks - North Carolina
    He's the go to WR for Flacco in a season or two.

    27. Colts - DT - Ziggy Hood - Missouri
    The Colts need help in the middle of that defense.

    28. Eagles - TE - Brandon Pettigrew - Oklahoma State
    They need a 2 way TE and Pettigrew is that guy.

    29. Giants - LB - James Laurinitis - Ohio State
    They may not even have this pick if they get Braylon Edwards.

    30. Titans - C - Alex Mack - California
    He's the best Center in the draft and Mawae is 76 years old.

    31. Cardinals - RB - Knowshon Moreno - Georgia
    They get an awesome RB that fills a big need for them.

    32. Steeers - CB - Vontae Davis - Illinois
    They are just looking for some depth and a future starter.
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    Not bad
    Lot's of thoughts but obvious to me is...Andre Smith will go much higher, Robert Ayers much lower.
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    Not bad. But I think the Skins take a pass rusher first. I also do not think Chargers take a DE in the first, not an impact position. Smith has consistently taken an impact player with the first pick (pass rusher, LT, QB, WR, etc.). And if the Titans go center w/their first pick, I would think they take Unger over Mack. Unger plays more like Mawae, who Fisher loves. And I think Steelers take an OL before a corner (even though they need one of those too). Cards would be crapping all over themselves if Moreno fell that far.

    Oh, and its Peria Jerry, not Jerry Peria. Just picking nits.
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    Yeah, I figured I would take some chances.
  5. dcfanatic

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    I can never figure out the Skins, lol.

    I can never remember that it's Peria Jerry. And I bet he wishes it was Jerry Peria, lol.

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