DCFanatic Post Game Report - Cowboys 30, Saints 7

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    August 22, 2006 ---

    Drew Bledsoe Is The Starting Quarterback!

    Bledsoe came out against the Saints with a chip on his shoulder. After hitting 12 of 16 pass attempts for 156 yards and 2 TD passes I think it's safe to say that he is the right choice to be the Dallas Cowboy's starting quarterback. I was very happy to see Coach Parcells come out and let Bledsoe fire the football around to his weapons. When Jason Witten caught that first pass, which looked like it was laser guided, you just knew that Bledsoe was on his game. Both of his touchdown passes were thrown to a spot that gave the receiver a chance to make a play. His passes were on point all night and he had to feel great about his performance when he left the game at halftime. Drew Bledsoe will lead this team to the playoffs in 2006.

    No T.O., No Problem

    When the game started everyone probably had T.O. on their mind. By the time the first half ended I hope everyone had Terry Glenn on their mind. Did you see that catch? Wowzer. The guy jumps up and reaches around the back of the defender with one arm and hauls in the pass while keeping his feet in bounds for the touchdown. Easily the most exciting play I have seen in this entire preseason. Glenn wasn't the only one making plays though. Sam Hurd will be a part of the 53 man roster when this season begins because he makes plays. Jamaica Rector, Terrance Copper and Miles Austin were also in the mix. Rector may make the team because he can also punt return if needed. Copper looked solid with a few catches and Austin came up with a big 48 yard TD grab from Tony Romo. Jerry Jones was so impressed with these young guys that he said after the game the team would probably not make a trade for a wide receiver any time soon. Now the task of determining who's in and who's out falls on Coach Parcells and the Cowboy's coaching staff.

    Greg Ellis meets Reggie Bush

    Not too bad Greg Ellis. Looks more and more like this switch from Defensive End to Linebacker is not so far fetched after all. Ellis is holding his own and doesn't look out of place. On one play last night he actually had to swing out and cover Bush in the flats and he did a good job of taking Bush out of bounds for a short gain. I have to admit I thought it was going to be a disaster and would leave Ellis without any condfidence, but the exact opposite has happened and that's a great thing for this defense.

    How 'Bout That Dallas Cowboys Defense!

    These guys are ready to roll and the rest of the NFL better take notice. Caoch Parcells finally has his 3-4 defense in place at full strength and it's downright scary good. The defensive line is holding their own and has enough guys to make sure they stay fresh for four quarters. The linebackers are easily one of the best units in the league. Demarcus Ware is no longer 'green' and he showed it last night. I actually felt sorry for Jamal Brown and his family when Ware embarrassed him on national television. Terence Newman, Anthony Henry and Aaron Glenn are in the top five when it comes to cornerback units. Roy Williams brings the pain and it looks like we found a gem in Free Safety Pat Watkins. The Saints offense had no chance in this game. They were even shut down on a fourth and goal right before half time. This defense is so good they are going to need a flashy new nickname very, very soon.

    These Guys Should Be Very Afraid Of The Turk

    Skyler Green should be a little nervous at this point. He has not shown much in these two preseason games and is not polished enough as a wide receiver. He has to make this team as a return man. Maybe he gets another shot this Saturday, but I would not be surprised if we see some other guys getting time returning punts this week in practice. J.R. Tolver and LaShaun Ward should make travel plans ASAP. Stephen Peterman might be doing that soon too. He is being pushed by Cory Procter for his backup Guard position and the fact that he did not play in this game is not a good sign. Willie Pile and Jacques Reeves are fighting for one roster spot. Of those three I have no idea who is on the bubble.

    Offensive Thoughts...

    One thing I want to be a little better at this time is the run blocking. It was ok in this game, but it could be much better. Flozell Adams left the game with a bruised calf - not a knee injury so he should be fine. Quarterbacks are really looking good right now. Pass blocking is ok.

    Defensive Thoughts...

    I could say there were no sacks, but there was enough pressure to disrupt the Saints offense so it's all good for the defense. Pat Watkins getting the start at Free Safety was a surprise this week, but it may not be from now on.

    Special Teams Thoughts...

    Get it together Mike Vanderjagt! He needs to start kicking already or he is going to be gone. Nice job by Suisham and Fredrickson to pick up the slack in his absence.
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    What a steal!
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    I think it's about time this guy starts kicking. His excuses for not kicking are starting to concern Parcells and everyone knows it. I find it perplexing that he hasn't really even been kicking in practice lately.

    Roll your eyes now, but something smells fishy over on the kicking field.

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